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Birthday: 12/31

Fashon police
Amongst The Enemy
The Lovely Usagi XD
CoCo Pookie
ii refresh swagga ii
l Blondiie l

my ***** from the planes

f** outt here ***** u gotta say sumthin come n say it on 217 ii punk azz bitchez

why are girls so confusing.......??

with the chainsaw i give the smoker something to smoke on

my name is rochelle reporter of local news

my name is nick but im the true conman

my name is ellis dont wear it out if a zombie has an attitude i scare it out(says ellis the farmer)

omg im so in love wit sweet_ponny lol not evry1 noe who she is

y cant i b like The Amazingkiller140 wit a gurl like sweet_ponny?

i love u sweet_ponny yes i do

please go out wit me>>...please....>>

no i want u

no i do

please take me not her

noo f**k you hore hes mine

dats all mine he sessy

e=mcsquare......but 140 is dat sexiest guy i met

no strippers go hippers but go out wit him sweet_pony