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Occupation: Kokiri, Orcarina player, Almighty angel cat fae wench shrub +pixie+ baby cat.

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Draw with me.

FF Dissidia- Cosmos song

Rap de Chocobo- Hyadain

Levan polka Ulquiorra style

Shut me up- MSI- Naruto AMV

Raggs Requiem- 07-Ghost

The Dark Woods Circus- Vocaloid

Tomato song

Cute Bleach

My Poems.

Red, the colour of blood from a human.

Orange, the colour of the sun as it sets.

Yellow, the colour of the dandelions.

Green, the colour of the grass as they sway.

Blue, the colour of the sky as you see it.

Indigo, the colour of my heart as it pounds.

Violet, the colour of my dead brother’s eyes.

What am I?

I help people,

I hurt people, physically, mentally, deadly.

Pick a fight with anyone, anyone at all.

Choose who shall die,

Who shall perish,

Who shall strife.

You are truly killing yourself,

You are the murderer.

Why won’t you learn?

Why won’t you cry?

Why won’t you weep?

Why won’t you die?

And I will laugh,

Oh, such fun!

I am War.

Day in and day out I never even knew what love meant, until I met you.

You loved me, you held me, and for a minute I liked you. But with love comes hate, and now I hate you, I will never feel love only hate, and now I will never see you again, but you will visit me sometimes, or maybe you will just move on. Who knows all I know is that I am looking at your pictures and I want to disappear forever.

I see nothing, nothing at all that is of importance to the world, nothing that will survive without us, nothing that will serve us in any way, nothing that dies, nothing that lives, nothing that breaths, nothing that reproduces, nothing that feels real, nothing human.

The sky is gray it is dead.

The sky is blue they die .

The sky is purple we die .

The moon has disappeared into the suns embrace so the echoing commences.

Glass, the substance of years work to create one thing. Extreme heat and desire will create this: a wonderful thing, glass. Grains falling down, moving with the movement of the sea, the exuberant sun radiating brightly, as if it is glaring the sand down. The grains submit and become clear, fragile, deadly to the skin, cutting, slashing at any given time. The moment you see it you can not believe it, how could something so natural, be so beautiful?

Pain, what is it?
A feeling?
A emotion?
I cannot feel pain,
no jerk when someone hurts me,
no counter attack when I am offended,
no warmth when you hold me closer,
blood running down my body,
drowning me,
no warmth comes from it,
no feeling,
no emotion,
just colour,
colour is all I see.
All I feel,
All I hold.

Trees sway in the cold night,
It is raining on this land,
So cold,
yet so warm,
the trees are crying,
the branches breaking,
the trunks snapping,
they are falling apart,
just like this land,

the trees know they are going to die,
their roots crumble beneath them,
the water feast they have been given,
has now been taken away,
though they can still see and feel the rain,
pour down on them,
The trees cry
and weep
and die,
just like this land,

I see the trees,
I feel the trees,
They are my shelter,
they do not see me,
They do not feel me,
The trees are lonely,
They want to talk,
Like humans do,
Don’t let me forget the rain on my grass,
The trees smiling when the sky has given them that pleasure,
See the blood?
Feel the pain?
It is caused by my sorrow,
I am crumbling beneath you,
I am falling apart,
Just like this land.

The apple of my eye,
As sweet as I may be;
I have tempted you into my lie,
for a special bond called love only we can see.

The love we share is so sweet,
for i would love to give you a very special treat.
The treat is not photos nor videos nor a dove,
but it is just me telling you of my undying love.

Love is the way to communicate so won't you share this:
to seal a bond with a great long passionate kiss.

Walk through the forest
Pause and glance from side to side
Please won’t you fear me?

Do you see the thing we call “her”?
The stray one down the street,
The one with the black continuous fur,
With the sound ‘pat’ ‘pat’ coming off her feet.

Everyone hints to hate her meaning.
Objects seem to break upon her eyes glance.
People stray away from her keening.
Why not view her dance?

Her emitting elegance dashes the hope.
Joy disappears from everything and all.
It’s truly a feeling of being on a tight rope.
She is waiting at end playing with yarn ball.

Walk beside me in the sun.
I won’t bite you. To that I hold.
Let us watch the eclipse as one
You will soon know that I am bold.

Do you know what I define as “me”?
Feel my noir blessings upon your hand.
Walk upon the sands looking out at the sea,
Hear the soft pattering of my heart against the land.

Will I have to repeat?
Just remember to listen to my feet going ‘pat’ ‘pat’
Look down: I am between your feet.
I am that thing you fear. The black cat.

We see each other and wish we could start again.
Reverse the train, so we can change course.
Fix the mistakes we have made.
Let us guide each other so we do not fade.
(wareware fedosa re mase n.)

this is me talking alot

I used to be known as:
Holy Orihime- Chan
Golden goddess Nayru
Saria and Link
The Almighty Shrub

All of the roleplays I am in:
Seishin jikken
Final Fantasy: The Agito Chronicles
Bleach: The Winter War
Kingdom Hearts: ORGANIZATION 16
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy: A Seasons Miracles Role Play
Stay Wild Rp
Pokemon RP
Light within the Dark
School for the Wickedly Gifted
Light in the Dark-Dark in the Light (A Fantasy Roleplay)
OC Final Fantasy RP
Fantasy rp
Secrets of the heart~ A KH roleplay
So far, more to come.

Inverted Fun (Bribe art shop)
Help me find my Link!
Organization 16
Light within the Dark
Donate to me and I will draw you.
Final Fantasy
The Shrubs and "I am" army guild

Always check back at the arena I post stuff, like my poems!

I credit all of the artists who have done all of the art on my profile.

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If Hollister and Abrecrombie said that breathing wasnt cool, 90% of teens would die. If you are 10% that would sit there and laugh then post this in your signature.
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when life gives you skittles throw them in peoples faces and say TASTE THE FREAKIN RAINBOW
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User Image The almighty shrub is making a guild, any one who joins is my minion, our goal is to get rid of all noobs. Who shall worship the almighty shrub? i already have a few minions. You can also join if you are also a shrub.
Almighty Shrub might not be able to answer your requests fastly as Almighty Shrub has a real life too. destroy the noobs.
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Total Value: 1,156,005 Gold

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Total Value: 3,622,271 Gold

Gifts of the goddess kindly donated by: anonymous
Gin the Kitty very much donated by: Kitsune Patron Soma, Thanks!

wareware fedosa re mase n

ai no kyofu


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can you avi art me? surprised
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hahahhahaha ur awsome biggrin




Avi Art of me by other people.


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I did look like this a long time ago.

Avi art done by me. everything down from here.


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