'ello there.
I'm getting old.
I dabble in fandoms.
My favorite color is purple.
I'm sarcastic and lazy.
Don't mind me.

[Excerpt from Pg. 192 of The Lusty Scoundrel]: She slapped Beresford hard across the face, her gloved hand breaking like a velvet wave upon his violently outcropping cheekbone. "But what of Rodrigo? What of my marriage, my family, my delicately perfumed bosom?" Beresford's baritone laughter echoed through the masculine caverns of his barrel-like chest. "Forget Rodrigo," he commanded, clutching Heloise even tighter against his glistening, rippled thorax. "Rodrigo may be rich and almost equally as handsome as I, but there's one thing he can never give you." Slowly, Beresford's rugged, stable-worn hands began to palpate the blushing flesh of Heloise's shoulders. "Really good backrubs," he bellowed; "I got a certificate from the city college!"


Da D-Licious Queen D
For some time many of us have wondered who is Jack s**t?

We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, You dont know Jack s**t?

Well, thanks to my efforts you can now respond in an intellectual way.

Jack s**t is the only son of Awe s**t who married O s**t, the owners of Knee Deep N s**t Inc.
In turn Jack s**t married Noe s**t.
The couple had 6 children: Holie s**t, Giva s**t, Fulla s**t, Bull s**t, and the twins Deep s**t and Dip s**t.
Deep s**t married Dumb s**t, a high school dropout.
After 15 years, Jack and Noe s**t got divorced and she married Ted Sherlock and became Noe s**t Sherlock.
Meanwhile, Dip s**t married Lota s**t and had a rather nervous disposition named Chicken s**t. Fulla s**t n Giva s**t married the Happens brothers n had a double wedding.
The newspaper invited everyone to the s**t-Happens wedding.
Bull s**t traveled the world and returned home with an italian bride Pisa s**t.

So from now on, no one can tell you that you dont know Jack s**t


"Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a
noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and
blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and
faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity
all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of
liberty, property, religion, and independence."

- Joseph Story (Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833)



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auto haste

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auto haste

youre so beautiful redface
Cannabe Yours

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Cannabe Yours

This is random, and I am not sorry that it is.

You are gorgeous.
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

it would be nice since i'm gonna need people for the rpg
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

it's a tv show. but it has creatures like vampires in it.
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

working on my supernatural rpg. Say if you like role-playing and Supernatural your welcome to join.
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel

hey it's been awhile.

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hello smile

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Yep. He's back. Trying to figure out new ideas for a thread again this year. twisted


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