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Gender: Male

Birthday: 09/27

All about me

Hello i go by the name Thathos, or Snow. Though you can call me Bryan if you want to be technical. Im a 14 going on 15 guy who is actrually putting video games behind. I love going outside or climbing my roof and enjoying the nightsky full of star's and the moon hanging low. I am pretty peaceful and can be crazy even perverted at time usally not however lol. If you get to know me you better get use to me saying strange things.

name: Bryan
age: 14
eye color: brown
haircolor: blackish brown
facial features: freckles
other: wears glasses, and a scar on my right leg when i got ran over by a lawnmower
single or not: single ^^
hobbies: Writing, enjoying nature, hanging out with friends.
interest: I love tinkering with technology and finding out how they work. What truly baffle's me is the human brain so i do love learning about it also.
favorite band: Green Day =)
nickname: Boo
favorite quote: When you dwell upon the past or the present, you will miss what the future holds.
metal rocker weirdo123
metal rocker weirdo123

three of the bestest people in the world. Noami probely the best =) love you all.

And demonic as good of friend as noami ^^

A good freind in RL,

My little gang ( including me love you all ^^ )