My name is Scott. I'm a 21 year old male
from Sydney, Australia. You'll find talking to me
on gaia quite easy, but in reality I'm really quite shy.
I'm insanely in love with a girl named Lena.
So don't bother.
Need to know more? Just ask.

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Holds a special place in my heart.My addiction.My saviour.Can always put a smile on my face.Is magical.A drug.Only guy I want to grow old with.I aim to please him.Desirable.My reason to wake up.My light.My rainbow.My sex.My orange tictac.Part time lover full time friend.My bear.My nerd.My fork.Only guy I'd talk to all night.Greatly miss all the time.My bad romance.My protector.My obsession.My text buddy.My hero.My candy.My song.My EVERYTHING.

Babe, each day you remind me of how much,
I really love you. You never cease to amaze me,
every day with you is a new adventure, and I'm truely grateful
that you're on it with me, holding my hand every step of the way.
We fight, sometimes more than occasionally, But usually we come
back even closer than before. We may be broken up, we may even still be
fighting. But please know, that no matter what, no matter how upset I am. That
I will ALWAYS, forever and eternity, Be in love with my Bunny. Your smile. Your giggle. The way you say I love you. Your bum. Your eyes. Even the way you say you're bye's.


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My lover.