No longer able to tolerate the constant "sales" and Flynn garbage.
Not sure if there are greener pastures out there, but I know now that don't have any choice but to go searching.
I've been around since '04, but even rats know when to abandon a sinking ship.
It's been fun guys. Thanks for all the memories, they'll stay with me always.

Scruffy is a pega-mule. Half pegasus, half donkey.
Scruffy is a Mare.
Scruffy draws things. Especially critters, dragons, or ponies.
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Scruffy is always Dumpster Diving.

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Collected Arts:
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From Golden Romance

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From Lilly-Bell-Cat.

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Alice D0ll gives us all diabeetus.

Thomas Ryan - Mad Tom

They call you a mule
I call you an ass
It equates to the same thing
But what your true genetics are
From hoof and up to wing
A mystery, to you I say
A mystery best left unsolved
For I'm pretty sure you're some sort of freak
and not simply evolved.

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Ruff Rabbit is my waifu

Izzie R
You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why: You're 12 years old and have a four-hundred dollar iPhone, you little sh*t.