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Hold the tiger fast in check
Put a leash around it's neck.
Make it known a growl will tighten...
The collar. Browbeat. Frighten.

Set the tiger on a tightrope.

Make him walk it, make him cope.
Punish any slightest fumble.
Make him walk it. Watch him tremble.

Yours is the power to use or not
Once the fierce soul has been caught.
Yours to beat without forgiveness
What is wild with fear and loss.

You may have complete control.
There will be no roar or growl.
But can you look into those eyes
Where the smothered fire lies?

Tame the tiger. Break his pride.
You will find yourself inside.
With all those who can destroy
My tiger love, my tiger joy.

Outside in the wonderful dark,
Smothered every smallest spark
Where nothing blesses or can bless
will you help me bear the loneliness?

Waking the Demon

Let us play a game. Let us test your will.
Hold this Thought and embrace this thrill.
Killing me child, Will keep us both bound.
By Hiding yourself You are waiting to be found.
Hold my heart, feel this pulse.
If i take yours, you might convulse.
You feel that dont you? it beats uneven.
Now I hunger...it is the season.
To remenise on questions that have not been asked
Is to Question the answers about one's past.
Do not turn away, I am for your eyes to see.
It is obvious you are a monster like me.
Niether dead nor living...You search for peace.
Blood will be our sweet release.
Pull harder on the strings of your fate.
Embrace your shadows...give in to hate.
Play the game that never ends.
It is far too late to make amends.
Is this act a tragedy perhaps?
There is no reason for your mind to relapse.
You made your choice when you let me in.
Now take my hand child. and let us begin.

Broken song

Seeking promise in lives broken..
Believing the liar...thier words unspoken...
Stripped and removed of all pain and life...
Holding what is left with hope and strife...
Demons play a farce on love...
What is there for us above?...
Banished souls lay in deep slumber...
Awaken the flesh with a roaring thunder...
..Blood for blood, tear for tear...
Who is to say your end is near?...
A song to sing...a poem to write...
A man who is free from his sight..
..Death is told within the city of the end...
Will you reject? make amends?
Can you feel their crying pain?
Drowning their sorrows with acid rain?
The seasons come and go with haste...
And here we stand...such a waste...
A piano plays, but nothing is heard...
Who will trust a man with no words?
...Always running into the distance...
...Beating in silence...in remembrance...
...The echoes of her voice....follow me down...
...I will entertain thought as Jester...as clown...
The arms of sorrow embrace you tight...
But you cannot fight...not with your might...
There must be Serenity...
...But not in this life...not known to me...
...I protect what i have lost in displace imfamy...
...I pray you hear my Shattered Symphony.


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Nemket_The_Neanderthal Report | 08/04/2010 4:04 pm
Who are you and what do you want from me.
Designer Hobo Style Report | 08/03/2010 12:34 pm
Designer Hobo Style
I've already added you, my dear.
Designer Hobo Style Report | 08/03/2010 10:05 am
Designer Hobo Style
*bows* And you.
Designer Hobo Style Report | 08/03/2010 9:58 am
Designer Hobo Style
Who might you be?
Replay Button Report | 07/30/2010 2:34 pm
Replay Button
That would be nice ^^
I'll read what you post ^^
kittikei Report | 07/30/2010 9:50 am
Thanks for buying!
Replay Button Report | 07/30/2010 3:39 am
Replay Button
I typically don't accept random friend requests, but because of the poem... I'll make an exception ^^

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