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my life as true as i want to make it

my world is twisted,crazy,and full of depression just like my life.


ppl who i kno or dont.... it doesn't make much a difference to me..

ppl discribe me as...........well thats none of ur bisness

my name is tess.i was born in january.i am from michgain.but moved to florida when i was 6, i think.music is baicely my whole life. i luv all types of music i dot realy care who its by as long as i like the song its kool.i have read twilight and seen the movie.i think its ok.its not in my nature to get overly obess with things.


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KMackyD Report | 08/03/2010 5:04 pm
eh alright just got up lol i fell asleep after i commented u xD
KMackyD Report | 08/03/2010 10:46 am
hey I was wondering if you would be able to join this RP we rpd before and it was good just it died xD and yahhh lol

also how u been?
ilovepuppy2 Report | 04/26/2010 3:28 pm
r u gonna break up with christian later
ilovepuppy2 Report | 04/26/2010 3:26 pm
Im mad at u why do u have to move .Plus im not gonna be here for the summer sad
Daichia Report | 04/21/2010 7:23 pm
Heyyy there tess :] I'm loving your avie!!!! Lets make a rp sometime. smile
ilovepuppy2 Report | 04/05/2010 8:47 am
how do u put music on ur profile
ilovepuppy2 Report | 03/12/2010 3:22 pm
hey tessi
AmeIIe Report | 03/08/2010 2:12 pm
xD, If you really like him... It doesen't matter than you look like your friend. Its not as if your twins and he's going to think she's you!
AmeIIe Report | 03/08/2010 2:02 pm
Ohhh, thats where did bad thing comes...
You need to do some pros and cons.
Wherever you want to like him or don't cause he thinks you are a look alike
AmeIIe Report | 03/08/2010 1:55 pm
Ahhh, that happend with me before...
Cameron and I, went out.. Don't go out with the guy if you don't know very much about him.. Turns out back then we didn't know much about each other but now? We're the best of friends and know alot about each other...


i <3 music!!
for music make's the world spin.
don't click this link...



98% of ppl would die if holster said it was unkool to breath.put this on ur profile if u r one of the 2% who would be laughing.

peace is random, randome is the world so rock it while u can!

peace =D -k8ie

girls:suger and spice and everythig nice. boys:dirt and worms and tons of germs!!!

they call it a CRUSH cuz someone ALWAYS gets hurt.

some boys r worth 1,000,000$$ others r worth 10 tickets at monster minie golf!!

97% of ppl would die if aeropostal said that at the bottem of every pool there was a scrach and sniff.post this on ur profile if ur 1 of the 3% who would laughing.

animals r kool,snoty preeps r stupid,sports r awsome,and and so is music.my friends r my family, and secrety is my life.the world is dramatized, and my world is all in my notebooks.

animals r kool,snoty preeps r stupied,sports r awsome,and so is music.my friends r my family, and my life is strage.the world is dramatized, but my world is all in my notebooks.

hey wats up?!

i tresure my secret's. them i am extreamly protective of. and some of my closest friends only know one half of me. i may seem hard to figure out. but don't worry thats all part of my plan.

everyone wants love. and everyone hates broken hearts. mabey thats why i have never had a boyfriend.(even tho i get ask out offten.) or mabey thats why know one knows the real me.

everyone thinks that when there in love then they'll live happly ever after forever.when sometimes life dosen't always have happy endings. and neather do all story books. and some day everyone will learn that there is know such thing as forever. everyone has a dieing point. and sometimes it feel's like im just waiting for the end of my tale.

oh and p.s.i kno how to lie.... xD