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I am the Teselecta.
I accept messages regarding the whereabouts of criminals on the lam.
All tips are looked into.
Your contribution to the justice system is appreciated.


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mcrgirl-x Report | 09/25/2012 3:41 pm
thanks for buying
could you please vote on my friends avi in the arena its called the blue fair buy funky crystal
icywind1980 Report | 09/25/2012 12:02 pm
Thankies ^ ^ just got back.
icywind1980 Report | 09/25/2012 10:01 am
Haha was a lot of fun chatting with you but I have to run. I hope to talk again soon.
Consulting Time Lord Report | 09/25/2012 6:33 am
Consulting Time Lord
Amy isn't in love with the Doctor. She loves Rory.
Consulting Time Lord Report | 09/25/2012 6:27 am
Consulting Time Lord
River and Eleven are flawless together and asdfghjkl I love them so much! 4laugh
Consulting Time Lord Report | 09/25/2012 6:22 am
Consulting Time Lord
RTD relied waaaay too much on Roes. I'm not a fan of her or Donna. Martha was my favorite RTD era companion. River, Rory, and Amy are my favorite companions. They were my first, after all.
Consulting Time Lord Report | 09/25/2012 6:19 am
Consulting Time Lord
Actually, Steven Moffat created Captain Jack. Moffat wrote Empty Child/Doctor Dances... so no, RTD did not create Jack. Moffat did. talk2hand
Consulting Time Lord Report | 09/25/2012 6:15 am
Consulting Time Lord
I have so many problems with the RTD era... sweatdrop
Consulting Time Lord Report | 09/25/2012 6:10 am
Consulting Time Lord
It's Doctor Who – 50 years of canon and things are BOUND to not make sense. cool
Consulting Time Lord Report | 09/25/2012 5:59 am
Consulting Time Lord
Obviously. I can't contain my feels/love for that episode. Seriously, it was one big elaborate homage to the Third Doctor (UNIT, the Doctor on Earth, reversing the polarity, a Lethbridge-Stewart, mundane objects OF DOOM, sciencey-wiencey stuff.... I see what you did there Chibnall!)


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