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Report | 10/04/2011 4:06 pm


Mine's way cooler. biggrin
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Report | 05/06/2011 10:16 pm

Amaya Suzunami

Happy birthday.
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Report | 02/08/2011 3:15 pm


you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!
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Report | 02/01/2011 10:43 pm


weeell yeah i could see being afraid of that lol
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Report | 02/01/2011 5:05 pm


pfft after your own teammate kicks the ball into your face from half a foot away, during practice- the ball deserves a lot of kicking.
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Report | 02/01/2011 4:28 pm


mid-field mostly
or a forward
always got called on offsides ><
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Report | 02/01/2011 10:34 am


haha funny X3
i used to play soccer
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Report | 02/01/2011 10:24 am


noooo because then i'll get faaat lol
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Report | 02/01/2011 10:15 am


thats why you wait until the 15th silly razz
the price drops ridiculously because its after the "holiday"
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Report | 02/01/2011 9:44 am


hallmark and candy companies. stressed
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Report | 02/01/2011 8:57 am


things are nice yeah, but i hate v-day.
stupid unimaginative consumerist-oriented entirely arbitrary manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day.
why does it have to be ONE day out of the year when you can show affection or be romantic?
is it so terrible i'd rather have someone who cares about me all year round and does nice things for me because he just wants to?
not because some fake holiday told him he could or should or because he's trying to apologize for sh*t he did the rest of the year with a box of chocolates and some pretty flowers.
its stupid and a pain and yes im all alone too. everybody else brags about it and it f-ing pisses me off.
and now i dont even have my friend to throw an anti-valentines party with because shes hooked up.
it sucks and its stupid and i hate it and it can to straight to hell. all the sugar will make it burn pretty. haha.
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Report | 01/30/2011 8:03 pm


as soon as i quit trying the cover came off so i could fix it....
he mentioned valentines day a couple times so idk if hes planning on sending me something
but i sorta really hate valentines day soooo i told him not to worry about it
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Report | 01/30/2011 7:49 pm


my phone is broken....frozen on the loading screen after it cut me off and shut down
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Report | 01/30/2011 7:46 pm


lol fun times
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Report | 01/30/2011 10:48 am


i lost a baby tooth that way XD
still got money for it
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Report | 01/29/2011 12:32 pm


dont worry about it razz
i guess technically i was supposed to keep them just to make sure for the rest of my life
but- i lost them. my teeth havent shifted back or anything so im not too concerned yet
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Report | 01/28/2011 11:10 pm


youre right, it isnt goo razz
lol just making fun of your typo
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Report | 01/28/2011 5:09 pm


i soooo lost mine sweatdrop
i dont even know where i wouldve lost them
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Report | 01/28/2011 3:44 pm


trying to motivate myself to draw some more...i really just want to sleep though XD but im waiting for a couple people cuz i want to talk to them about some stuff.
not much else...
what about you?
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Report | 01/27/2011 6:37 pm

xXSkullinatorXx foREVer

Thank you. He took Bec on a date(Well she took him) To a resturant and she had to chip in for his food.
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