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"Grass grows, birds fly, the sun shines and, brother, I hurt people" - the Scout, TF2



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I'm commander Aqua and this is my favourite journal on the Citadel

Mainly used for notes on stories now. Posts will be deleted if not needed anymore so read fast.


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Sepulcra Report | 02/04/2023 2:53 am
Our neighbor's car alarm is going off every 6 hours. It's VERY annoying gonk
Sepulcra Report | 02/03/2023 10:02 am
eek wow, that's one serious storm.
Sepulcra Report | 02/03/2023 2:45 am
I tried the Notifyer Count app on my phone. And... unfortunately that didn't work xp
I know how you have to use it. I have to create a widget, but unfortunately my phone doesn't see Notifyer as a widget, so I can't find it in the widget menu and hence not use it. Great...
I also found out I can't receive messages unless I'm on my own wifi network. That's not very practical either.
Sepulcra Report | 02/02/2023 1:50 am
I watched the dwarven origin stories. The dwarven society is quite horrid with their caste system. in a way the nobles treat the casteless quite similar to the way the humans are treating the elves.
I thought the dwarven noble story was better than the human noble story. This character at least seems more noble (an actual prince). It's just a bit silly that he didn't have a lot of money at the beginning of the game. They should have given you that, to simply take it away when you're imprisoned? It would have made more sense.

I also like the idea of imagining that all the characters started their stories and Duncan visited them all, but only your character survived the proving ritual.
Sepulcra Report | 02/01/2023 1:49 am
I liked the city elf beginning story. It was pretty good. Human mage is still my fave, but after that the city elf. The Daelish elf I liked the least. The noble human is not that great either.
I still have to watch the two dwarven stories.

That's what makes the notification badge issue so difficult to solve: everyone already gets that setting on their phone. All regular brands offer the feature from the get go. So people don't need to download an extra app and there won't be people putting effort into creating such an app. gonk
Sepulcra Report | 01/31/2023 10:25 am
I would have preferred your feta version mrgreen
Sepulcra Report | 01/31/2023 10:23 am
The 'adding notifications badges' issue hasn't been fixed yet. Apparently the badge feature is only available for the paid version of Nova Launcher or Action Launcher. rolleyes
There might be an alternative called Microsoft Launcher. But seriously: why does it have to be this difficult? Why isn't there a simple app that allows you to add those notification badges? stare I don't care about all the other features of those launchers.
Sepulcra Report | 01/31/2023 2:26 am
To solve my missing 'notification dots'/'badges' for apps, I probably need to install an app.
Are you familiar with any of these: Nova launch, action launch or OO launch?
They should have an option to switch up those notification dots.
Sepulcra Report | 01/30/2023 7:13 am
I found a solution to the voicemail problem.
I basically had to call this:
**61*+31624[phone number]*11*[number of seconds]#
Yup, I would NEVER have found that solution on my own xD
So now I set the voicemail to the max of 30 seconds. So the phone will ring up to 30 seconds til it switches to voicemail.
Sepulcra Report | 01/29/2023 3:06 am
The voicemail basic setting is weird, but I'll find a way to change it.
I found out that my phone is equipped with a very limited basic version of Android. Many of the features others have, mine doesn't. It's quite frustrating.
The feature I miss the most is the badges/mini icons that can appear on apps when there's a new message waiting for you. I need to find a way to add that feature to my phone.

I expect that the phone indeed jumped from one wifi connection to some other connection in between. That would explain the data use. So I turned off 'mobile data' so it will stay on my wifi.