I'm a typical high school student with a VERY vast imagination and currently is head over heels in love with Naruto pairing that is: Sasuke-kun and Sakura-chan.

I can play the piano, draw mangas(..though I'm too shy to publish it...(-T~T-), and knows Malay, Japanese, a little bit of Korean and English. I like to write stories.^^

My favorite pairings are:

1. Sasuke x Sakura
2. Neji x Tenten
3. Itachi x OC
4. Naruto x Hinata
5. Kakashi x Rin( I know that she's dead and most of you guys like Anko/Kurenai with Kakashi... razz )
6. Shikamaru x Temari
7. Gaara x Matsuri

1.Gray x Lucy
2.Loke x Lucy
3. Jellal x Erza
4. Natsu x Lisana
5. Mirajane x Fried

1. Sesshomaru x Rin(older version)
2. Inuyasha x Kagome
3. Miroku x Sango
4. Kohaku x Rin(older version)

Hetalia Axis Powers:
1. Roderich x Elizabeta
2.Kiku x Mei mei
3.Vash x Lili

There are many more anime pairings that I love... too bad some of them I've already forgot(T~T)... This is my top 6 Final Fantasy pairings:
1. Lightning x Noctis
2. Cloud x Tifa
3. Vincent x Yuffie
4. Nero x Shelke
5. Gippal x Rikku
6.Tidus x Yuna

Sorry, but that's just it... さようなら(Sayonara), 안녕(annyeong), BYE!^^