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"Underestimating me will cost you the battle."

Full Name: Terra Hanakari
Age: 17 - 19
Birth: April 21st // Aries
Ethnicity/Race: Romanian // Human

Physical Characteristics:
-Terra has long, somewhat curly, light brown hair, NOT blonde
-She has aqua green/blue eyes
-Her body-type is average
-Terra is somewhat short compared to her friends
-Terra likes to dress girly, pencil skirts, sun dresses, etc

Personality Description:
-Terra is very loud and sarcastic, basically "one of the guys"
-Around guys she likes she is very timid and attempts to act girly
-She is a flirt around "cute" guys
-During a battle she enjoys making commentary on her opponent
-She's very cocky but is in denial about it

Fighting Techniques:
-Terra's fighting style is archery
-Stays hidden and fires arrows stealthy
-Her bow can fire arrows of different elements

Other Facts:
-Terra favorite season is summer
-Terra has a crush on Isaac Tribal
-The first time she was created she actually had blonde hair and blue eyes
-Terra was supposed to be sweet and gentle until that became Mira's personality
-Main Account is AeroKnu, this is his OC
-Terras Weebly

Back Story:
When Terra was young her mother passed away. Terra barely knew her mother and was raised by her father Locke Hanakari. The two of them were very close and rarely fought, Terra lived a normal life and took up archery as a sport, she became very good at it so her father decided to learn it too. One late night Terra witnessed a KuroTenshi scouting the area, at the time she had no idea what it was. She ran to go get her father and the two of them ran outside to see what it was, The Kuro noticed them staring at him and decided to go pick a fight with them. Terra and Locke were no match for the Kuro, when they were about to give up they suddenly gained the ability to fire arrows of different elements and drove out the Kuro.

For the years to come Terra and Locke researched and fought off the Kuro Tenshi until one day they met another Tenshi by the name of Homaru. They realized that Homaru was a KazeTenshi that the myth they researched spoke about, he was the one that gave them the power to enhance their weapons years ago. The two of them formed a team with Homaru. For the battles to come Terra and Homaru became really good friends along with the rest of the guardians. Terra loves to visit Tellius because she adores their style of clothing and art.

"Your fighting style is so reckless, do you actually think you stand a chance?"


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Report | 03/29/2013 8:02 pm


You were rejected before I even knew of your little crush on me. c;

Ah~ Right right!
Terra the tuna fish.
I'm Terrably sorry for my insolence. : (

(omg that was so lame. x~x I embarrass even myself. xDDD )

Report | 03/26/2013 5:53 pm


Yes, I am called Saia.
I now have red hair, red eyes, and a very manly body. Infact, I had a sex change o;
Seems you've fallen for my...gorgeous body~
Sorry but, I'm taken by my babykins, Ren-chan.
btw, my name is Athmarr for now. c: (i think....lemme check hahaha XDDD yup its athmarr. Athmarr the older bunny bro. )

And who might you be, misster hippo-looking- tuna?? emotion_c8

Btw, Ho. Umm I got part of each oc's fanfic ready owo well..the "intro" >v>
but i don't think I'm gunna show you cuz my "writing" sucks. ewe;

Report | 02/03/2013 7:02 pm


What apology? >3>


Report | 02/03/2013 6:44 pm


Well it is better to be ignorant. >3>

That way you don't get hurt 8D



Report | 02/03/2013 6:23 pm


There there, there's no need to worry~

Ignorance is bliss~

Report | 01/29/2013 6:47 pm


No words. rofl

Terra's weak love reminds me of this.


Report | 01/19/2013 10:15 pm


YES YOU ARE! scream

Report | 01/19/2013 4:09 pm


What a whore~!



Report | 01/19/2013 4:08 pm


Aw Terra~ I missed you too! c:

Report | 01/19/2013 3:59 pm


Hello Terra-chan heart