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My name is Tera Capoiera. I spend most of my time in the chatterboxx or RPing, but mainly working on my story called, "Black Rose Guard". And for the credit stealers, I have copyright. So don't try me bitches. Anyways....I usually keep my journal updated with another chapter. I bet you'd love it, especially if you like fantasy.

Things I like:
1. I like making friends
2. I like boys....not girls
3. I like it when people read my chapters
4. I like it when people don't annoy me about giving them a donation or being a friend just to use me...you know...the n00bish junk.
5. I like getting donations, but not begging for them all willy nilly.
6. I like giving writing tips
7. I like it when people leave nice comments.

Ways to not get on Tera's bad side
1. Don't PM me asking for a freegin donation
2. Don't add me thinking that I'll be your friend and give you a donation
3. Don't try and scam me
4. Don't argue with Tera calling her any names
5. Don't correct Tera's english. Eventually she'll catch it. I hate the people on Gaia that try and type correctly. It gets annoying.
6. Don't send chain letters [I.E. "I AM WE TODD ED! SOFA KING WE TODD ED]

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Tera's Blacklist
silver_12--Being a b***h and A dumb a** who can't spell or think correctly
Night- Fox--Being an annoying n00b/filling up my mailbox with unwanted PMs
kigeki--ruining my day stare
Nightmare Rider- he was being a complete a** because he kept filling my inbox [IN WHICH I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!] and not only that, he was being moronic and breaking one of my rules. And he had the liberty to say that my profile sucked when his was just straight up gay.....really.Oh and he's on my blacklist for being ugly. And he made me put my own money in the cuss jar. Dunnit... neutral
stare cody187187--trying to scam me out of 5k
KingYuza--He randomly PMed me and prentended to be nice and insulted my profile. And having his friends stalk me.
harleychic897-she got on my nerves by sending PMs randomly to my mailbox with no apparent reasons.
Well...let's see.
I love swords....don't catch me with one. Such as a sabre for instance...that's why I joined the Sabre Team for AFJROTC.
If you dunno... neutral It stands for Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. In my first year, I have already earned 3 promotions over the other chickens and I am no longer a chicken. I am a C/1 Lt. I am now a flight commander and soon to be D-com in training this upcoming year. (Deputy Group Commander in Training). And I am in Marching Band. And I have Teh coolest friends ever. And yes...some are on Gaia....they don't want to talk to you, so I won't give out there screen names...that's life...get used to it.
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Yesh...that's ugleh me in teh picture above...thanks for visiting my profile.


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Revan Maxwell

Report | 02/15/2010 11:27 am

Revan Maxwell

Hi. How have you been?

Report | 05/30/2009 8:43 am


Negro Buddha

Report | 05/30/2009 6:08 am

Negro Buddha

Aoi Utsuki

Report | 05/28/2009 8:15 pm

Aoi Utsuki

Certainly. I wouldn't mind that at all. User Image
Aoi Utsuki

Report | 05/28/2009 8:12 pm

Aoi Utsuki

No problem, T. I'm always here to listen. If you can't catch me online, I'm only a phone call away. 3nodding
Aoi Utsuki

Report | 05/28/2009 8:08 pm

Aoi Utsuki

Don't stress yourself out over it. Take it in a bit at a time. Baby steps. No need in diving in head first without testing the waters first.
Aoi Utsuki

Report | 05/28/2009 8:00 pm

Aoi Utsuki

Wow, chica! You're hardcore!! Wow, that is some serious hard work. But I have faith in you! Ganbatte kudasai!! 4laugh heart
Aoi Utsuki

Report | 05/28/2009 7:53 pm

Aoi Utsuki

Oh well I'm happy for you if that is what you choose to do! What branch?
Aoi Utsuki

Report | 05/28/2009 7:50 pm

Aoi Utsuki

Oh? Like what???
Aoi Utsuki

Report | 05/21/2009 3:36 pm

Aoi Utsuki

I could be better, just glad to still be alive. It's been one of those years..anything new in your world?


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