I am a jack of all trades, master of none. Right now I'm a waitress/barkeep in Gaia- though I try to skip out on work as much as possible, but hey, no work, no pay.

I have a secret that only my very close friends know...but that's besides the point. Let's just say I'm older than I look...and act for that matter. ^.~v

Anyway, peace out!

Tensai Sapphire Majessta


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A day in the life of me.

My exploits, or rather lack thereof, living in a modern world as a supernatural being.


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Drake Elias Zephyr

Report | 03/19/2007 8:16 am

Drake Elias Zephyr

Hello! Great profile theme. :B

Report | 07/08/2006 9:33 pm


greetin tensai
Cat Silver

Report | 03/05/2006 6:28 pm

Cat Silver

<< I LOVE YOU. *sets a tied up Zeke next to* So.. Uh... Full moon snack? *darts off*
Crystal Mizuka

Report | 02/17/2006 8:57 pm

Crystal Mizuka

Hi Tensai!


"I'm complete...I always will be.
I don't know much about my future...
but I know one thing: the creature who made me..."
Tensai's eyes were upon her sword, still wet with the blood of who
she thought of as a friend,

"will die."