heya, i'm tyty.
a sophomore in high school.
--tennis is my life
--photography is a passion.
--&& i've never felt this way before...
--vegetarian;; over three years!
--i adore animals
--roller coasters are uhmazing! :]
--i live with my daddie.
--questing coco.

i have so many best friends, kendra, gabby, zoe, laura, beka, kenzie, kayela, morgan, shannon, rusty, lee, phillip, hannah, sarah, manda, candy, to name a few.

i've got the best friends ever! I love them so much.
kendra- first one: halloween! ohh emm gee. that was the bestest night ever! lol. jack, ted, and all those others. where can i get that perfume? lol. also playing on the elementary playground late at night screaming at the janitors and falling on ice. getting stuck on monkey bars, protecting all the rest with our make shift guns. i lover you lonna! l.e.r. & m.a.k. = b.f.f.'s forever!
laura- okay, so we are insane. >.< i just met you this summer, and already we tight. (: insane boating, singing ol mcdonald in the middle of the lake, plotting to "hang" scott, phone calls at two in the morning, rollyrolly & humping elephants.... lala & tyty ready for revenge-venge!
gabby- gosh, mrs. long's class; lunch together; zumba; fazoli's; dancing; gondala!; douchy mcgee mcfee! i'll continue this later...
kenzie- haha. so i love you chica! i don't know what memory to share, lol. i guess i'll go with the blacklight! ahaha. and the trampoline. or maybe being set loose in the mall. my first concert, learning to dance wink and being spoiled. loves you besti!
mara- wow. way to many. lol. i'd say towards the top would be the countless hours spent just sitting around outside [on the roof] talking, making crispy pancakes and burnies, and of course tuc-sha-bu. also the day spent in trafalgar! :]
deshnny- the first thing that comes to mind would have to be the fair! riding the octopus and screaming at the guy with monster. scaring kayela to death on the ferris wheel, riding that annoying thing with that stupid whooshing sound [making a big deal about being on four], riding all those big scary rides. :] i miss you.

Okay well here's some important things about mwa:

age- teenager [16!] sophomore babie.

style- whatever i feel like. tomboy, comfy, & preppy mixed.

car- challenger! (: and cuda! and 300!
my first car is a pontiac g6. dark green. (:

fav. band- theory of a deadman, coldplay, hinder, trapt, matchbox twenty, && nickleback... are the top six,
three days grace, AC/DC, paramore, saving abel, t-pain, seether, puddle of mudd, lady gaga, on and on.

fav. tv show- 24, idol, and secret life are really the only ones i watch.
& dora, the fat mexican whore. lol. [insider]

color- blue, && green, && orange

fav. food- anything with potatoes, spaghetti, and more. pretty much italian and mexican

fav. drink- choc. milk, tea, sunkist, and monster!

status- single.

addiction- frozen water. ;] && sunkist

dream [at the moment]- to become top pf my class.

fav. movie- shooter, a walk to remember, twilight, oliver and company, monsters vs. aliens.

fav. type of music- ROCK! [80's rock, punk rock, rock alternative] and rap/hip-hop

ice cream- chocolate chip cookie dough

cereal- cocoa pebbles babie!

candy bar- mr. goodbar [i love sweetarts- the blue ones! ;]

animal- everyone! but i like river otters a lot.

hobby- MUSIC, TENNIS, being wif meh friends, drawing, writing, sports, PHOTOGRAPHY, 4-wheeling

fav. words- desire && despair;;;; && tragedy && drastic && silly && dreaded && ridiculous

future job- zoologist and photographer. <3

park activities- swings!!! and teeter-totters before i got to big.

i'm currently 2nd in my class! well on my way to my goal.

i text constantly.

i'm on my school newspaper;; the signal.
ace (:

and also 2nd singles, as a sophomore. 3rd as a freshman.

here's some advice, boys lie.

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cool avi

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well i do work and make over a hundered a week! ^^'' 4laugh

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lawl, i wanna git a gaia cash card, but other than ALL THE WAY UP IN GREENWOOD, target idk where.

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ages my a**, i been playing gaia for 3 1/2 years!!! >.<

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ya, and how the hell did u git a red rose?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! D;

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But thank you! Your avi looks pretty neat too. ^__^

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I am currently questing for items as well, I'm sorry, but I must say no. <333
L y k e 0 m g

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L y k e 0 m g

Cool. And thanks!
Miss Romo

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Miss Romo

Thank you. :] I like your avatar as well.
D e s t i n a y

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D e s t i n a y

[ <3 ]

    Thank you! c:
    I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply, haha heart


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