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I'm one of those people who left Gaia and came back! I left around a year ago, when I was fed up with everything that was going on, and the mess Gaia looked to be turning into. But I had a look again the other day, and was pleasantly surprised! So I'm giving it another shot wink

I'm online less at the moment anyway - exams are looming and coursework deadlines are jumping at me and attacking me. D: I'm really sorry if any responses take a long time, but please bear with me!

So a bit about me - I'm an art student, about to go to uni later this year. My aim at the moment is to move into tv/film/theatre design. I do a lot of sculpture and photography. My deviantART is at www.jengingerpeps.deviantart.com smile I also used to do a lot of pixel dolling and pixel art and I was on the art team for another site. Alongside my art, I also do a lot of music, singing, and performing in general. I sing, play flute to grade 8 standard, play piano/keyboard, and I'm teaching myself the guitar. I've been in several school productions - I was the Mother Abbess in The Sound of Music last year, and I'm in We Will Rock You this year! biggrin If any of you have similar interests or experiences please strike up a conversation. <3

Please don't friend me unless I know you or have been talking to you. I've had too many random requests. -.- I love a chat though, so PM me if you feel like it! biggrin


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Demy Report | 03/14/2011 5:39 pm
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Of course I still remember you! O: And I'm glad. I remember seeing your birthday pop up and usually I don't take the time to comment someone but you had been gone for a while so I thought it'd be appropriate. xD

Totally understandable! Gaia is a sideburner, no one should come here if they aren't utterly bored of have business here. I actually persuade people to leave this awful place. I feel like it's gotten increasingly juvenile. When people are off to do better things, I don't know, I feel happy about it. I have everyone on AIM so I'm not complaining. ;D

What you've missed though, hmm.. Well, Gaia released a TON of items, as always. Good luck trying to catch up with them. I sign on everyday and I don't even know all of them. D;
Demy Report | 11/14/2010 9:16 am
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Happy birthday. c:
Demy Report | 12/21/2009 9:23 am
Oh where oh where has that Temporal gone, oh where oh where can she be? ninja
Demy Report | 07/20/2009 11:24 am
Demy Report | 04/11/2009 4:49 pm
Oh yeah, I know that part. For some reason, when I add water, I can't direct the color to where I want it to go xD It just bleeds into the other colors and screws up the picture D: I like regular color pencils better. I know water color is like.. you get the color in the general area and then outline it to make it look clear. I'm not used to drawing like that xD
Ahh, I want to start collecting commons. I've seen people buy a lot of them in the exchange for cheap. I want to get myself a set of those HIPSTER Tint Shades because I just know I'll use them for the future! I have a hard time letting go of items. Like, I never brought myself to sell my Mythrill Halo. I'm kind of glad because I made it fit an avatar xD And I am still horrible at the market. I'm talking about waiting months for stuff to go up! Sometimes, it never goes up, but I'm too stubborn to sell it because I THINK it will go up xD
Yeah, same here. I kind if like donating as a process. 10k here and there. Donating the whole bulk of 100k will be a little tricky for me. But you know, its gotta happen sometime! Or, it will, maybe.
Haha, I know you probably have loads of friends 8D I have some friends I could probably bring over. I just have a lot of threads to tend to xD Some chat threads, my art shop thread, my quest thread, my ink buying thread, and I'm always making new perma-threads. Such threads for buying, selling, etc. It's sort of hard for me to stay in one place. Even now, my most charishable quest thread is getting less attention xD We got to have like.. contests everyday or something though! It'll take lots of work and effort!
Oh really? Yeah... I didn't know you're supposed to get chocolate xD I've never gotten chocolate from Easter. Maybe when I was in Kindergarden. I remember that they were Jelly Beans though, not chocolate~ But yeah, the tea is great, I just have to go to the bathroom and pee a lot xD I use regular sugar most of the time, sugar cubes are slightly more expensive and.. really.. I don't need them since they are all going to the same place, my tea xD
Aww, try it! Do you know when the event is going to end? Because I don't even think I'll be able to get the slippers in time. The scarves are really cute though, you should at least set a goal for those. I know what you mean about the event items, that's the only reason why I'm working towards the 500 eggs xD
Pseudowho Report | 04/11/2009 4:23 pm
Just the funky surf shop by the Royals.

And HAPPY EASTER. Where are you off to my dear?
Pseudowho Report | 04/11/2009 3:43 pm
Haha, Jenn. Saw a comment on that shop window in Southend you may appreciate.

"You think the Eurostar is bad. It's Murder on the Orient Express."
Pseudowho Report | 04/11/2009 12:51 pm

because I love you <3 XD
Demy Report | 04/11/2009 8:48 am
Ugg, you're lucky then xD I mean, I'm sure I'll use them someday to experiment, but I hope they don't get all old and worn before then. I really did want to try out water color pencils but never found the change to. plus, I'm too lazy to learn how it works with pictures and how exactly you make a picture with it xD
Yep, that's the same with me. or, I'm just hoarding xD Even items I don't want, I always keep them for some reason. I guess I'm waiting for them to go up in value and then sell it. Like, my "Let It Snow" was an item I liked and planned on keeping. But instead, I sold it for 80k during Christmas xD I guess I just need to know that I sell it for more then I bought it for I guess. And since I'm bad with market, I usually buy items for high ;~;
Ouh, well, I talk about donations a lot because I'm really that appreciative xD Most of the donators willing to keep in contact with me, I keep in contact. Whoever donated must've had a reason for it and really wanted to do it. And if they donate, there must be something about your personality that they saw I guess. I always thank my donators too, I think I just find it common courtesy xD Maybe the person does want messages. I remember once I went to this person's profile and her comment were spammed with different people saying like, "Thank 8D!". I was the only one who asked why she gave me the gift she did. She said she was leaving and a conversation sort of sprouted from that. It ended shortly when she actually left though :c
Yes! That would be perfect starting a charity. I mean, I've donated 300k total so far, as I said before. Starting a charity.. I dunno, I feel obligated. If you don't keep donating, your thread sort of dies a lot of the time, you know? For charities to thrive, they need people there who actually just like being there for the heck of it. Often times, that's not the case though :c
I didn't get any chocolate o_o What' the occasion? Easter? I don't get chocolate on Easter. I wish I did xD I haven't had chocolate in so long. Instead, I just make tea and drown it in sugar cubes x:
Ugg, yeah, I'm working towards the bunny slippers too. I thought it'd be like.. at least 300 or something. 500 is pretty insane, I guess Gaia really wants to keep its people. For the 500 eggs, I've only made about 200. I'm not sure I'll be on to get the rest though :c
Demy Report | 04/10/2009 10:11 am
LOL really? I sometimes regret buying stuff too. Like if we are at an art store and my mom asks, "Are you sure you want to buy these expensive color pencils?" I'm always caught up in the moment and say, "YEAH!" I bought them a year ago and have never used them xD I guess its one of those things you find a need to "preserve" because you only have one set of them.
D's went up that much? Yeah.. the older MC's are really not worth looking at anymore. They just keep rising in price. To me, I guess.. in the end when I quit Gaia, what I wanted to do, was sell all my items (I have like.. 1k items xD) and see if I have enough to buy a really REALLY old MC.
Really? Never? I've seen people gets lots more donations, like 1mil or something. But the thing I liked about receiving a Kiki is that I knew I made someone happy and someone laugh. It was in the message when Mew sent it to me. Thankfully, I never lost contact with her xD *tries not to lose contact with donators* The people I donate, on the other hand, kinda leave me afterwards xD
Aww, you are an amazing person too! I know what you mean. I wanted to giveaway the 100k like she did to me, but I was like, "I want to give it to a person who would also give it away in time.." because I remember her telling me that someone donated 100k to her once. I was like, "Yeah! I like that moving chain, maybe I should do that."
Aww, take your time in replying, I can always wait c: My easter has been going.. kinda lame. I was feeling under the weather yesterday but I feel much better now. The 500 egg easter hunt on Gaia is getting on my nerves though xD


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