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Hey everyone ^^ I'm Hope. Here's some stuff 'bout me

Personality: open minded. friendly, shoulder to cry on..., sarcastic (majorly so ^^), pretty smart, mental (according to a few friends), self conscious about myself.., quiet, LOUD, and I guess just kinda free...

Color: Black, red, purple

Food: Spaghetti, fruit(except for pineapple) and chocolate!!! (i'm a huge chocoholic)

Hobbies: reading, writing stories (I'm working on like 3 at the same time sweatdrop ), cooking, baking, volleyball, soccer, cross country, talking to friends, IMing. um....drawing, sleeping ^^, hanging out, exercising.... um I'll post more later

Music: I like all music but metal and rap. but if you like metal and rap that's totally fine with me ^^

Favorite sports to play: Volleyball, cross country(its a sport), and soccer

This is my ULTIMATE dream avi: If you could help me get there that would be greatly appreciated ^ ^

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Total Value: 4,058,453 Gold
After Exclusions: 4,056,653 Gold
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Item List:
Golden Sparkles
Winter Rose
Captain Ara's Nestegg 5th Gen.
Captain Ara's Nestegg 4th Gen.
Coal Tavern Wench's Cincher
Audrey's Brown Long Gloves
Noel's Gift
Heart Eye Patch
Grim Witchling Hat
Black Swan
KiKi Kitty Plushie
Bunny Flop

I'm here on gaia to make FRIENDS. So...just so you all know not to ask me..Considering this is an online website.(that is not a dating site). Please just be nice so I don't have to tell you no. I will be your friend though!

I heart random friend requests. So send me one!!


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it ranges depending on how i feel...


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Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 06/29/2011 8:52 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse
Dear Cookie Monster,

I'm bored so I decided to write on your wall.(: I'm excited for you and your new job! Plus your having a fun weekend, which I hope you have fun for me! Just so you know, we are planning a sleepover soon. Just a heads up. Oh and are you gonna post on the guild? I know your busy and always tired now but i was just wondering.Byee!
Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 05/26/2011 2:06 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse
I love you my Best Friend. heart
Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 05/01/2011 1:22 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse
Dear Friend,

Sorry for not replying to your text. I have fun out of txt mintues. I can still get calls though so I'l talk to you either on here or if you want call me, or i might (;

Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 04/20/2011 7:22 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse

You are very welcome!
Yes indeed. I will thhink of one soon hopefully!
Alright I hope that headache is gone now?

Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 04/19/2011 8:41 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse
I like your new username!! heart
Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 04/18/2011 3:48 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse
My Dearest Friend,

I hope you feel your best soon.It is no fun being locked up all day not feeling good :/. On the other hand. Chocolate Eggs Bunnies Easter!!! heart heart heart
Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 04/15/2011 7:28 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse
My Friend,

I have noticed thise new wardrobe of yours and I am happy. Don't want those other gaians getting the wrong ideas right? (; I doubt that means anything towards your personality. Ah yes Day of Silence. What can i say I tried my best, but by the time of lunch I just got a ribbon to pin to my shirt to show my support. What rather interesting things occurred, may I ask?? My friend, what do we lack in?

All for now,
Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 04/12/2011 5:30 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse
Dearest Bestie,

Have you now? The last comment I have is one that I have already responded too. Do not fret we have commented now. I am glad you have came out and told the thought I thought. Yes, it does look rather slutty when you kneel. Other then that it is quite beautiful. It will take forever long to get used to the look of bangs. Definitely new look for you. Enjoy they will. Interesting, what goddess is that of?

Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 04/12/2011 4:03 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse
Miss Bestie,

We're in trouble. We broke our promise on promising to post on each others profile at least once a day. We better fix this. Yes yes I know busy busy blah blah, but honestly thats a lame excuse for the both of us. It takes, what, 30 seconds to send something?? Haha well close enough. THis is me, doing my part and Posting on your profile (:

love Jess
Storm of Chaos Muse Report | 04/07/2011 7:50 pm
Storm of Chaos Muse
Your welcome biggrin

Haha oh I I'm sure she just might xP


I'm a daughter hiding her depression. I'm a sister making a good impression. I'm the girl sitting next to you. I'm the one asking you to care. I'm your best friend hoping you'll be there. -Force a smile to hide your soul. Force an emotion to hide an emotion.



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