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This is my pathetic life story

Hi, my name is Linda. And yes, that is me in the backround. My birthday is September 8th, 1994. I am very tempermental and i have a low bull crap tolerance level. So I could lose my cool very easily. I do have a lot of problems at home but I try to not to let them get to me cuz you have to live life to the fullest, no matter what. I am completely obsessed with Twilight, I've read the books 9 times, now I"m working on ten, I'm trying to beat my 2nd cousins record of the amount of times I have read it. For all you other Twilight fans out there I think we could get along. I am also a fan of Harry Potter, haven't read the books yet, but my family and friends are working on getting me to read it. I have lots of friends but my friend Kayleigh and Adia are the two greatest friends I have. I have a boyfriend but things aren't so good between us right now. My myspace url is ike_bum94 if you wanna look me up and be friends then ok,but it depends on how much i know you. But yeah thats all u need to know.
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Birthday: 09/07/1994


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Hermes the Herald Report | 03/15/2010 1:20 pm
Hermes the Herald
S'all good, thanks for replying back. smile
Hermes the Herald Report | 03/14/2010 12:24 pm
Hermes the Herald
Hey, I noticed you had greek mythology under your interests, so I was wondering if you wanted to join this roleplay here. smile --> The Hermes News Room
xMyDivineSkylinex Report | 02/19/2010 8:24 pm
What happened?
xMyDivineSkylinex Report | 02/17/2010 5:48 am
Haha music keeps me sane too. *hugs back*
xMyDivineSkylinex Report | 02/13/2010 8:34 pm
You can never throw memoties away, and you're going to have to live with them for the rest of your life. Don't try to forget, you have to learn to accept them. You should should sit down and listen to some music. That always helps me think.
xMyDivineSkylinex Report | 02/07/2010 2:07 pm
*hugs back* I'm sorry about Jaden. I know what it feels like to relive memories... Sometimes you wish you could go back and go through it again...but you have to be tough and move on, no matter how hard it is.
xMyDivineSkylinex Report | 01/30/2010 4:23 pm
Hey, it's my job. After all, what are friends for?
xMyDivineSkylinex Report | 01/29/2010 9:25 pm
I'm glad you met someone. My life is great actually.
xMyDivineSkylinex Report | 01/24/2010 10:33 am
Yea maybe not. You sound ok, though.
xMyDivineSkylinex Report | 01/21/2010 8:29 am
I missed you too, Linda. Sorry it took me so long to comment back.I forgot my password.

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"Yes, knight, I long for death. But fear it"

~Draco the dragon from Dragonheart~

"Some say love it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed."

~Song Rose~

ii -x- ish -x- CuuTe
Emolicious T_T

When loves leaves, it leaves us alone with no hope

I want to drop down to the cold hard floor that has become my soul

We cry to ease our soul that is breaking beneath the weight of our despair

With each tear that falls the torture is easier to bear as an emotion has just been released to leave you whole again

All feelings are hard to supress but through tears our emotions are easier to express

My best friend and partner in crime.

I may not have the prettiest face for you to look at, or the smallest waist for you to hold, but I PROMISE to have the biggest heart to love you with.

Life sucks, and then you die.

The greatest guy friend that I have ever had

A girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle.Girl: Slow down, I'm scaredGuy: No this is funGirl: No its not, please its too scaryGuy: Then tell me you love meGirl: I love you, now slow downGuy: Give me a big hug*She gave him a big hug*Guy: Can you take off my helmet and put it on yourself? Its bothering me.In the newspaper the next day a motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on it and only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road the guy realized that the brakes were broken and he didn't want the girl to know. Instead he had her hug him and tell him she loved one last time. Then he had her put his helmet on so that she would live even if it meant he would die. If you would do the same for the person you lover, copy this in your profile.

My friend Maria

If you can't handle me at my worst, the you sure as heck don't deserve me at my best

I WISH I looked this good

Everything will be OK in the endIf it's not OKIt's not the end

Sick of cryingTired of tryingYea I'm smilingBut on the inside I'm DYING

From Heart Broken TearsTo Heart Shattered Cries

I've built a wallNot to keep anyone outBut to see who loves me enough to climb over it

One of the most awesomest people I know!

My best friend Sam

My best friend/ sister Kayleigh(not really my sister). She's always there for me like a best friend should be.