About Me

What can I really even say about myself?

1. I am untrusting of people, and it takes me a while to bring down my walls. I get people saying I should just trust them and I then have to explain why I am not going to throw in all my trust right away. Although it can be bad, it has saved me on numerous occasions from creepy men on other sites and in real life.

2. I am a strong supporter of Equality especially when it comes to gay marriage. Now I think love is love, and one shouldn't try and stop someone from marrying another they love and getting the same benefits, based on a belief that is completely false and inadequate in this time era. Religions against it should back off. Besides, it is not going to kill, literally kill, anyone if homosexuals can marry and have the exact same benefits and rights as a heterosexual wedded couple.

3. I despise hypocrites. Yes, I know everyone can be a hypocrite at times, as I have been once in a while, but I'm talking about those people who say they should be kind to others and then tear the person/people they don't like down. So much for being kind. This can also majorly apply to those certain Christian people who say that we should all be Christ like, and yet, they don't even match up to Christ and his teachings. (No offense intended.)

4. I am an Agnostic Atheist. Below is a definition and a quote to either help you better understand or irritate your thinking process, depending on if you can comprehend what is written below.

"Agnostic atheists are atheistic because they do not hold a belief in the existence of any deity and agnostic because they claim that the existence of a deity is either unknowable in principle or currently unknown in fact."

"If a man has failed to find any good reason for believing that there is a God, it is perfectly natural and rational that he should not believe that there is a God; and if so, he is an atheist... if he goes farther, and, after an investigation into the nature and reach of human knowledge, ending in the conclusion that the existence of God is incapable of proof, cease to believe in it on the ground that he cannot know it to be true, he is an agnostic and also an atheist – an agnostic-atheist –"

When it comes to my passions, I have a few. Let me name some.

I adore writing. It gives me a sense of validation and lightens up my mood. Although when I am upset, my characters in my stories get killed off.
I also enjoy writing essays. Most people I have conversed with have told me they hate it, as it is too time consuming. I on the other hand, love it, since it makes me sound even a tiny bit more intelligent, or even widely more intelligent than I already am.

Photography is one of those activities and hobbies that calm me down. When I am upset, I will normally just go off and out into the mountains or the desert and take pictures of what I find to be pretty, or unique.
I do not enjoy taking pictures of people as they expect so much out of the photograph. What I like is usually a lot different than what others like.

Music is literally the biggest influence in my life. I love every genre out there, and each one has a different influence on my mood.
~I have a new youtube video up every 1-3 weeks. Depending on if I still enjoy listening to it.

*So, if you have made it this far down my profile, then I must congratulate you... okay congratulations are over. Now that you have a general idea of who and how I am, you can see if we have anything in common, or just simply judge me.