I'm an Asian American guy from San Francisco. I'm big into anime and manga. Have been for years. You kids don't know how good you have it today. I have an appreciation for the old school, the classics. You could say that I'm an otaku. For real. I know what it means to be an otaku. I've studied in Japan. I've read Genshiken. Why fight it? You are what you are. You like what you like.
I'm also a gamer. Not just video games but pencil and paper role-playing games, games that use dice. Rolling dice is awesome. Gamer for life!

I also hold ranks in Tae Kwon Do and Kendo.


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Hello! I hope you dont minf I added you to my friends. You seems cool and we have similar views =) btw you live in san fransisco? I'm thinking of going to that con in San jose fananime or something. Is it worth it?


"A coward fears a fight. A hero fights his fear" - Ullig

I Googled "Operation Freakout" and suggest you do the same.

You're a tool being suckered for profit if you go to eBaum's World.
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