Hello, welcome to my profile! Please call me Mousy! Or Teia. Athena is also becoming a name I go by lately. I dunno, whatever you wanna call me I guess. My name, though, you'll have to learn by proving yourself worthy.

I suppose I should say a bit about myself. I'm a pretty cheerful girl most of the time. Random and weird, etc etc. Just try not to upset me. I don't like being upset. Depending on my mood, I'll either snap, keep quiet, or cry. Well anyway, I like people who make me really laugh and who are sincere and have what I think is a great personality. Speaking of laughs, I laugh at pretty much everything. And my friends say my laugh is evil. I don't think so, but, oh well. *shrug* And I squeak at the end of some of my giggles. I r Mousy x3
I live in California. And that's all you need to know about that.
I'm MADLY in love with the most amazing man ever and have a beautiful baby boy. So please stop perusing my profile if you are a cyber perv.
I love anime and manga. Duh. And video games. They're great. Absolutely. Current games are Monster Hunter Tri, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.
Music is a big part of me. I'm always looking for new or old music to listen to, so any suggestions are greatly welcome. I like pretty much everything. Just don't give me something that consists solely of screamo. Music? I think not. Also, I am a band geek. Big time. Wanna talk marching band and orchestra? I'm totally down.
I am currently studying to become one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Don't hate. They're not all bad.

Wanna chat? Ask for my MSN or Skype Messenger. =)

As far as RP's go...I don't RP anymore, sorry!

If you would like, I could draw something for you...please send requests as PMs with a subject that has something to do about an art request...and just for reference, here's my deviantART. And a link to some drawings on Photobucket


For 1 character in color...
-Headshot - 6k
-Waistup - 10k
-Knee-up - 14k
-Whole Body - 20k
1 character b/w...
-Headshot - 4k
-Waistup - 8k
-Knee-up - 10k
-Whole Body - 15k
For any extra characters...prices are the same for color and b/w
-Headshot - 2k
-Waistup - 4k
-Knee-up - 5k
-Whole Body - 6k


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In the mind of a Mousy

I'm a very random person, with very random thoughts. Just...forgive my insanity...


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The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/19/2012 5:06 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

That's cool. =D
The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/18/2012 6:25 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

Woo! scream Oh yeah, finished the shading. All that's left is a pixelated effect I'm wanting to add. I'm trying to make it to where the background kinda fades into a pixelated version of itself.
And what does Ganbatte mean? =O
The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/16/2012 5:11 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

No clue. =O I'm finished with the coloring. All that's left is the shading, but I'm trying to try it from a new angle and having trouble with it. D=
The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/13/2012 5:06 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

Thanks. ^^ Oh yeah, guess what? This will only be my third or so time drawing feet in my drawings. XD And I'm trying to work on scenery and other things too. He's standing on the edge of what seems to be a cliff, looking down, with mountains in the background and he has a hoverboard sticking into the ground.
The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/12/2012 9:12 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

Yep. ^^ Oh yeah, it's set in a video game universe. I was thinking it would have a soundtrack that sounds like old games and have floating power ups, fanfare like when you find a treasure chest in Legend of Zelda, stuff like that. XD
The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/12/2012 5:08 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

Yep yep. ^^ I'm trying to put as much symbolism and whatnot into the character as I can think of. =D
He has a coin on his necklace with a secret message that the bad guys try to figure out through the story.
He wears designs and stuff on his clothes to tell things about who he is.
The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/11/2012 6:00 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

*hugs and luffles back* =D
Oh yeah, I'm working on a semi-new drawing.
I say semi-new because I started probably almost a month ago and didn't resume it until the last couple nights. XD
The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/11/2012 5:22 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

Ok then, good. XD
And no problem, Mousy. ^-^
The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/10/2012 4:09 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

I don't think that's what the button said. =O I'm 100% positive "wear" was in it and not "want" o.o But hopefully, it's the same thing. XD
The Big Bad Wolfe

Report | 07/09/2012 5:03 pm

The Big Bad Wolfe

Yeah, I think I voted for you. Was it that button that read "I'd wear that" or something like that? =O I hope it was. XD


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