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I model for my life.
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YOU ACTUALLY CLICKED ON MY PROFILE? AWWW YOU ARE SO SWEET, CUTIE. Have a marvelous day and stay beautiful. That smile looks great on you.

I have been on Gaia for 8 years. I was unfairly banned, and hacked twice. Slowly earning my items back. This avii shows what I need. If you want to double check to make sure I do not have the item already, please do so. If I do already have the item, I will trade it right back. Just make sure to check my wishlist, since I update that more that I update my profile.

I can draw your avii. Ask me and I will. I do not have a set price, so you are at liberty to donate any amount of gold or any item. I focus mostly on chibis, but I can try other styles.

When I say, "I take anything for payment," I mean it. Only have 3k and want to give me 500gg? Go ahead. I do this for practice, not profit. Just ask and i will do it. NOTE: I take awhile to complete commissions, so excuse me if it takes a couple hours or days. This also depends what is on your avii, how complicated it is, and how many orders are ahead of yours. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Here are direct links to some of my work:




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What road do I take?
"Where do you want to go?"
I don't know.
"Then, it really doesn't matter, does it?"

Its Sir Adralemech Add me!

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Sir Adralemech

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Sir Adralemech

Sir Adralemech

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Sir Adralemech

Good luck! I could try to help!
Sir Adralemech

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Sir Adralemech

Sir Adralemech

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Sir Adralemech

Sir Adralemech

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Sir Adralemech

Sir Adralemech

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Sir Adralemech

I know i know xD
Sir Adralemech

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Sir Adralemech

Lol thanks!
literally nobody

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literally nobody

you're welcome gl on your quests biggrin
literally nobody

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literally nobody

It's purrfect. hehe I love the kitties.
I saved it, and im going to upload it soon ^.^


[b:f6e5480b8c]I do art for gold.
[spoiler:f6e5480b8c][img:f6e5480b8c]http://i772.photobucket.com/albums/yy1/asktheunprofessional/Mobile Uploads/Sketch20523929_zpsmmj0y4a_edit_1403320577265_zpsyaqdhkwx.jpg[/img:f6e5480b8c][/spoiler:f6e5480b8c]
PM if interested.[/color:f6e5480b8c]
[u:f6e5480b8c]Questing: Horns of the Demon[/u:f6e5480b8c]
[i:f6e5480b8c]Updated every 1bill[/i:f6e5480b8c][/size:f6e5480b8c]
Last Donator: Pixel Rice: 1,000,000,000 Gold[/color:f6e5480b8c] ♡♡[/color:f6e5480b8c][/b:f6e5480b8c][/size:f6e5480b8c][/align:f6e5480b8c]