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Teh Cream Soda's avatar

Last Login: 09/15/2021 10:46 am

Gender: Female

Location: In your kitchen making you muffins, can't you smell them? :'3

Occupation: skool. -Twitches- x.o


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].[.~RubyWitch~.].[ Report | 11/15/2018 11:17 am
Forever and always my Gaia best friend heart
Shadowchild71 Report | 09/18/2015 3:58 pm
YEAH like...girls just have more options here it's unfair ):
].[.~RubyWitch~.].[ Report | 06/02/2014 7:58 am
That's why I am totally voting for either teleportation or Virtual reality.
One we could really just see who ever we want!
The other we can pretend we are with our friends XP
Online friendship why you so hard!
].[.~RubyWitch~.].[ Report | 03/04/2014 12:54 pm
You are my very best Gaia Friend without a doubt
Even when I don't log on for a year I can log on and chat chit with you like I never left
It's like coming to a weird little home
And Reality is trying to destroy said home like an Earth Quake
Shadowchild71 Report | 02/25/2014 10:15 pm
Don't forget creepy 'nice' guys and gold beggers!

...I mean cough
].[.~RubyWitch~.].[ Report | 02/14/2014 11:34 pm
I know how you feel.
I go through my friends list and am like do I even know you?!
Which is sad because these are the people we have spend hours, no years with
We should never be able to forget them
But we do
Yet I never forget you
].[.~RubyWitch~.].[ Report | 02/09/2014 9:39 am
Yeah it is!!
I don't think I can ever really give it up.
Haii Gaia Bestie!!
Long time no chat
Shadowchild71 Report | 02/08/2014 10:06 pm
Ah yes! We need to converse with the outstanding people of gaia.
Shadowchild71 Report | 02/03/2014 9:43 pm
Time travelling Victorian hipster
Annnd I haven't logged in here in forever :3
Shadowchild71 Report | 12/09/2013 9:16 pm
Well you look like a very era confused wealthy person.
With a sense of style of course - u -

My Smexy Siggy. ;D




Hey Victor, got any gum? x: