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Gender: Male

Location: LOS NACHOS

Birthday: 04/25/1993

Occupation: Arrancar

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my main account is mr ecstacy . my myspace name is mr ecstacy FTW . my myspace url is www.myspace.com/zombie_curry . my email is zombie_curry@yahoo.com

mental health


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Twilight Fox Zero Report | 06/15/2009 12:51 pm
Twilight Fox Zero
Religion, Helpful? or Harmful?
Soggy Apple Jacks Report | 06/10/2009 1:27 pm
Soggy Apple Jacks
Hey, Jewboy, you have too many ******** accounts.
its anamay girl Report | 02/06/2009 7:32 pm
its anamay girl
hi sorry i couldn't get on cause i didn't have the time to get on then i 4got my usrname and password.lol
littlelover02 Report | 12/21/2008 6:25 pm
hey just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas
The First 001 Report | 11/25/2008 10:37 am
The First 001
hahah omg dude ur sig made me laugh
The First 001 Report | 11/15/2008 5:25 pm
The First 001
Awsome looking character dude O_O!!!
Soggy Apple Jacks Report | 11/09/2008 8:56 pm
Soggy Apple Jacks
<.<...>.>...psssst *poke*

choo can't come to Grove next semester

the Flying Spaghetti Monster won't allow it
The First 001 Report | 11/07/2008 4:54 pm
The First 001
Why is u not on RF??!

Excuse my language.. im Mex-I-CAN O_O
littlelover02 Report | 11/07/2008 6:29 am
what did i tell you just because i don't dress like it doesn't mean i don't like the darker side of life....XP
Teh Crazy Shinigami Report | 11/06/2008 4:55 pm
Teh Crazy Shinigami
i love using it in zomg! cuz it pwns. plus i have the ghost ring so XP


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i have real good prices at my store!


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