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Gender: Female

Location: Minnesota

Birthday: 04/28

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Well what will be in here most likely will be lyrics, poems, rambling/venting, b*tching..complaining.. somewhere to put my emotions down so I don't explode .. I do keep an actual journal too.. so maybe I'll add here what I add to my journal..

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Random sh*t I'm interested in.. if you want to be friends it would be a good idea to have some of these things in we could talk about something.. ;)

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If you care ...or want to get to know a little about me..

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Tiffany is the name.
20 years young. Born: April 28th 92'. Taurus !!
I love animals...mostly cats!
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Music+Photography+Animals+Friends+Family+Party+Reading+Writing+Traveling+Hookah+NotKnowingWhatToDoWithMyLife+F.T.W =My Life.
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Fav colors: Black & Aqua
So feel free to gift me anything that's black or aqua.. or anything to do with cats, photography, or music! smile

I'm no where near perfect.I'm a girl that is full of brilliant ideas and can never make up her mind.I'm a girl you can trust.. that makes you smile and laugh and I love the same in return. My heart is as big as some peoples heads, and I've went through a lot. I tend to have a bit of an attitude and I'm so honest- it may sting. I think honesty and communication are really important.(But that doesn't mean I talk all the time or what to listen to someone 24/7!) I won't respect you if you don't respect me. I'm a big believer in Karma & things happen for a reason. I also love being a Taurus. wink

heart Some people pray ...I turn up the radio
Some people believe in God ... I believe in Music

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