have you any idea

why a raven is like a writing desk?

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''seymour, won`t you be my son ??''

OMG you guys. My cousin, ~^.^S.p.h.i.n.x^.^~ , made this. click.
the history of the world my pet
is learn forgiveness && try to forget

bellatrix cosplayer & roleplayer at your service c:

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[] w h o } } tecnia;; tec;; tek;; tec-tec;; teccie;; nia;; the hooker wig;; t h e awesome possum;; eva;; holmes;; tiny-tec;; red queen
[] w h a t }} a writer;; a roleplayer;; a very obsessive bellatrix, johnny depp && helena bonham carter fan;; batfan;; holmesian;; worshiper of the 1920s;; a sort-of actress;; anime-hater;; somehow only makes friends with anime-fans;; twilight-hater;; unhealthily obsessed potterfan;; novel-lover;; a romanticist;; lover of the german language
[] w h e n } } my existence is celebrated dec. 19th;; half-blood prince comes out july 15th;; `sherlock holmes` movie is released dec 25th;; march 5th is a very important date, don't be late;; infinitus is in july;; deathly hallows one is in november
[] w h e r e } } wishing i was in the u.k.;; at home;; in school;; the mall;; under my bed;; the library;; at my desk;; on the phone;; in the roleplay forum
[] w h y } } `cause i`mma beast

Rumbleroar says Harry Potter's
awesomeness dominates Twilight.
Rumbleroar would know -
he's a lion.
Who can talk.

get that out of my face

it`s not in your face; it`s in my hand

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''remind you inside you`re rioting''
-Still Tear-
N I 7 O C R I S