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'Sup! My name is Emmanuel. I'm a 15 year old guy from England. I like to play basketball. I love to listen to music a lot. I like to play video games a lot of the time. I love video games. I also really love films, I would like to be a director/writer sometime in the future.I'm a introvert, quiet and shy person.

Introverted (I) 86% Extraverted (E) 14%
Intuitive (N) 86% Sensing (S) 14%
Thinking (T) 50% Feeling (F) 50%
Perceiving (P) 73% Judging (J) 27%


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parachutetaxi Report | 02/19/2012 9:21 am
No problem sweatdrop
parachutetaxi Report | 02/19/2012 9:17 am
Oh thanks
I can say the same about yours biggrin
Attractive Kiss Report | 02/17/2012 10:12 am
        ♥ Thanks alot~! emotion_bigheart
Vehadrah Report | 02/16/2012 12:10 pm
Yes! I absolutely love gaming. I mainly play RPGs. I could never really get into stuff like CoD or anything. Im not very good with a gun xd
The Catfish Blues Report | 02/13/2012 5:52 am
No, I heard it done by muddy waters first.
Beata Beatrix Report | 08/29/2011 11:54 am
how did you get 10k from daily rewards? i'm not jealous at all... whee
Lady Lisa Simpson Report | 08/25/2011 6:03 am
Cool, I'm 13.
Lady Lisa Simpson Report | 08/24/2011 8:24 am
Sooo, how old are you?
xlept Report | 08/24/2011 8:15 am
hey! thnx i like your add! smile great!! xD!
Lady Lisa Simpson Report | 08/24/2011 6:45 am
I'm sorry, you seem really nice but I don't add people until I get to know them a bit better. Maybe if we chat a bit? Please don't be mad. heart heart heart heart