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♥Previously known as POSSESSED DOLLS
♥My name is Amanda I married the love of my life on July 28, 2012, his name is David. <3
♥I am an artist.
♥I'm obsessed with Alpacas.
♥I've been a proud member of the GaiaOnline community since 10/18/2006
♥I was born on June 14 1991, i'm 26 years (OLD) the year of the Ram.
♥I Get angry easily.
♥ I hate organized religion.
♥I swear probably more than i should.
♥I speak my mind, and don't give a ******** what you think.
♥I grew up on Pokemon, & still love it to death.
♥I love kitties. :]
♥I like girly things, but i tend to act more like a guy.
♥I play all sorts of video games.
♥I enjoy horror games, my favorite game series ever just so happens to be Fatal Frame. <3
♥I have a strange satisfaction for the paranormal, and everything out of the ordinary
♥I collect ghost sighting articles from newspapers.
♥I love ZOMBIES.
♥My hair & makeup have to look good before i'll go out & show my face in public.
♥I'm a plain weirdo, and a smart-a**.
♥I am a strong believer in gay marriage, because I believe love is universal.
♥I am bisexual.
♥I love piercings and tattoos.

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