Hi I'm Sadee-Marie, but you can call me what ever you want.
Im 14 going on 15.
I have black hair wif orange/blonde/red highlights and brown eyes.
I'm about 5' 7 ish.
I am bisexual and proud.
Im leaning more towards girls.
I still Tony even though he doesnt love me.
I love to skate and act like a jack a**.
I try to hang out with my "friends" as much as i posibly can.
I love to cry, so there for, i love drama.
I like the dark, and absolutly hate the light.
I'm not good with relationships.
The longest i have ever dated the same person was for 5 months. I tend to yell a lot and scream random things at times.
I do not smoke,drink and/or do drugs.
I do over dose though if you count that as drug use.
I acctually like to watch kid shows such as Barney, Bananas In Pajamas, Blues Clues, Crashbox, Jojo's Circus, Big Bear In The Big Blue House, and many others.
I watch Power Rangers, Emo Rangers, Bat Man, Spiderman, anything you name it.
I am definitly not a girly girl, anything but.
I wear vintage, Hot Topic, and Wal-mart clothing.
I find thrift stores very kool.
Consider me weird, a freak, an intulectual, anything but normal. I'm always depressed, even in the 'what should be' happiest moments of my life.
I lost a friend of mine in a house fire, and i regret every minute of not talking to him.
I lost the 'what was' love of my life.
Its hard for me to make friends because im very shy, especialy around certain guys.
Im very "friendly", if you might say.
I have chronic depression and i think im bipolor.
I love music. <3 Its my passion.
I want to be a hair stylest and a run my own hair salon.
I constantly dye my hair.
I have been a blonde yeash i addmit.
I have also been a red head besides a burnett.
XD I love all colors and I'm not against gay marige.
Love is Love for god sake.
I hate people who thing they are all that and try to show off and are total ******** WHORES! oops...hehe. *smirks* Well I will add more later. Pm me or leave a comment pawease.
Love always,


My F'ed Up Life.......Well Its Just ******** Up OKAY!!!

here is my journal (i know your thinking "well no dip shithead!"), where you can learn somethings about me and see just how ******** up my life really is.



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u like live close to me............i live in clinton
Champion Of Valhalla

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Champion Of Valhalla

Guess who?

The golden laurel man is back.

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Get back on GAIA
Hurg McDurg

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Hurg McDurg

domokun PANTS!!! domokun

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Avenged SevenFold rocks *randomly headbangs*

~Welcome to my MaDnEsS~
Hiro Samura

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Hiro Samura

^_^ Yes we should, and sour skittles would be nice smile . I love you too.

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Cant be remebered by why i cry to see your eyes girl i love you so ******** much it ******** sux to leh you go i dont know but i have three words to say ill say them today.... I LOVE YOU

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yeahs..... just met ya on gaia towns.


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