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The Dark Ages
Science Fiction Military Rp

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If you wish to join, please fill out the >> Recruit Application Here << to see if we accept you. We're a well known science fiction based military rp guild, and deal with Starships, Fighters, Ground Combat, etc. You need to be literate and capable of creating a RPC profile. If you don't know what that is, then this isn't the guild for you.


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Loathsome truth Report | 07/19/2016 12:12 pm
Loathsome truth
Hey Robby, if you're reading this Hit me up....
Hera Iris Nyx Report | 10/25/2014 11:01 am
Hera Iris Nyx
Happy Birthday!!!
Bryling Report | 05/17/2014 5:04 pm
Whenever I see a TDA tag, my initial reaction is somewhere between vague amusement and disappointment.
Hero of the Shinobi World Report | 01/24/2014 7:49 pm
Hero of the Shinobi World
Hello there sir. I registered for the Gaia Army Rangers and your the Commander. My request is still pending so if you notice a registry take a look at it. Permission request to join the Gaia Army Rangers, sir!?
Hera Iris Nyx Report | 10/25/2013 3:49 pm
Hera Iris Nyx
Happy birthday, boss
MonickerPenis Report | 10/04/2013 6:53 pm
I don't mean to get to attached or deep here, but for some reason I felt a type of thought or state of mind. I was reminded of you, for some odd reason. So after a half-hour of derping around, reading stuffs, I feel like an old man looking at his own memories. Waiting for his own heart to stop, waiting for the winds to breeze his mind into peace.
Tskuareta Report | 08/27/2013 10:01 am
MGYSGT ThunderBird Alpha Report | 06/06/2013 9:39 pm
MGYSGT ThunderBird Alpha
yo my nig
AGS_Civilian Bobby Report | 05/23/2013 10:55 am
AGS_Civilian Bobby
🙎💭 Break yoself foo !
Yamborghini Hiii Report | 02/26/2013 1:40 pm
Yamborghini Hiii
Lol, did that for an achievement.


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