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Actor: will smith Artist: Johnny cash Band: abba, Disjecta membra
Bat: flying foxes Book: pirates of the Caribbean
Color: black Drink: ice tea Epic snack: sour cream crickets
Food: Californian rolls Fruit: mango Gem: dragon's blood calcite
Hobby: do it yourself projects Ice cream: I don't know I am quite adventuress, depends. Junk food: alsorts Knowledge: learning something new each day. Least favorite color: pink Movie: batman movies directed by Tim Burton himself. Number: 1993 Ocean creature: I loved them all. Pie: Apple. qoute : may the force be with you Reptile: I seriously don't have one they are all great.
Saying: don't give up on things you love. TV show: highway to heaven Universe part: stars Villain: nope don't have one Wii game: anything to do with music X-ray: teethYour part: my personality Zoo animal : Chinchilla

Things I do like about myself
My awesome personality. Having a night vision. The piano talent . My adorable brown eyes. Being a good friend. Being a good team player.Having long arms to reach high places. Being tall. Being a strong swimmer. Able to do math without a fancy device.

Things I don't like about myself
My widows peak. Lanky arms . Being very pale. My long canine teeth even the slight. Not able to see without my glasses

Things I like
My family, salads, positive people, long fingernails, ocean breeze , blue notes, Seashells, woodsy smells, bats, sweet legs, pumpkins, spiders ,Ocean breeze, Historical buildings, nail polishes, Educational TV shows, big adventures with all my friends, being creative, Swimming, High way to heaven, Nature walks, Sea creatures, old church buildings, Rock and gem shows, outdoor adventures, brown bread, and getting my hands dirty.

Things I don't like
Vampires, pain in the neck, my widows peak, Halloween, pot holes, not leveled grounds, sprained ankles, Skeletons, blood sucking flies, jaw harp , Grave yards, zombies, Seeing others getting upset at the program, negative people , Horror films, Dealing with too much girl drama, garlic, garlic breath, blood and gore, white bread, Justin b, and skulls.

heres my song list


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Maude-Lynn Chintz Report | 06/11/2019 12:10 am
Maude-Lynn Chintz
for every item i get on my wishlist i usually add 4 more so it's unlikely that i'll ever have them all. but i have been on this website for over 10 years so sweatdrop
Nick_Cadwell_13 Report | 06/10/2019 10:54 am
I know. You can send me a pm, It's a lot faster.
Ravia_Windrunner Report | 05/30/2019 4:18 pm
Thanks whee
I've been saving up for this shirt for awhile.
Bozu-kun Report | 05/29/2019 9:16 pm
thanks for buying the outfit. biggrin
MeowMeowWoofles Report | 05/29/2019 1:10 pm
Thanks for the purchase!!!! I hope you love your outfit!!! Well, I'll see you around then!!!

MeowMeowWoofles heart
Chime Witch Report | 05/28/2019 10:03 pm
Chime Witch
Thank you for your purchase. Have a wonderful night! heart
Vermar Neicha Report | 05/28/2019 9:40 pm
Vermar Neicha
Is that an Ice Queen outfit you making????
Peppertoad Report | 05/28/2019 6:15 pm
Thank you very much. 😊
VoidwaIker Report | 05/28/2019 6:10 pm
Madaline Knight Report | 05/27/2019 11:16 pm
Madaline Knight
I love your profile too lovely color. heart



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