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Im ztrictly open minded person, loving & karing, a ztrong character in todayz chaotic dilemaz.
☯✯㋡ Everyone seez who i appear to be.. but only a few know the real me.. you only get to know what i chooze to zhow u ✯☯㋡

I'm 23 yearz young and have been through it all Everything from happinezz to heartache I zuppoze that pretty much zumz that up. I try not to judge, then again who kan honeztly zay they never have? I am an open perzon and love from my zoul I have been ******** over plenty by those I truzted, which haz at timez kauzed me to be bitter and untruztworthy of otherz, yet for the mozt part im one of the zweetezt humanz you kould ever meet. I adore being zurrounded by thoze who genuinely keep it real. Although, I do love my peaze when drifting away into the world of the mind.

1. I ztudy to be a profezzional chef.
2. I write with Z & K inztead of s & C
3. I have 1 older brother & 1 younger brother
4. I hate Math
5. I zure Love Vainilla.
6. I Love karamel & white chocolate
7. I enjoy metal, soft r&b & zome techno
8. Fashion iz not important for me
9. All the pikturez of me i took myzelf =]
10. One of my pazzionz iz writting.
11. I love zhadez, even if i zpend hourz putting make up on
12. Love to zleep in komplete darknezz & koldnezz
13. I hate gozzip
14. Black iz alwayz zexy
15. Ztrawberriez are a muzt.
16. Bakardi Dragon Berry...!!! ♥ ♥
17. Gamer for Life !!! 360, ps3
18. Death scares me
19. Mood zwingz happend the mozt on my period.. x.X
20. Soda... PEPZI ...!
21. When zad i write a lot
22. I have quit 3 jobz in my life.
23. Dolphinz, Katz & Pantherz are my favoritez.
24. Love Chinese food
25. Only want to have 1 child
26. Englizh iz my zekond language but i uze it the mozt
27. Bubblez bath ...Yez !!!!
28. Kandlez, Rozez & teddy bearz... ♥
29. Would love to know how to play the drumz & elektrik guitar
30. I have more boy az friendz than girlz (to much drama)
31. I never been in the Yunke, PR =[
32. Im blonde & i dye my hair red..... ♥♥♥
33. Would love to go to Italy & Venezia
34. Im rough & loud
35. Bitchy, yeah
36. Movie freak !!!!
37. Materializtik Hell NO... money komez and go
38. I have ztrong migrainez =[
39. Black Liner, make pretty eyez beautiful ♥
40. Praline Ice Kream !!!!
41. I dont talk to ppl i dont know
42. I Ztop Zmoking
43. Zoup in a hot day, why not?
44. Nickname: Vampi ♥
45. I have 3 tattoez
46. Holding hand while driving the bezt thing ever
47. Hate Annoying ppl
48. Dont eat Eggz or anything with bonez
49. I love zitting down to watch the ztarz
50. Love muzik while zhowering
51. Zing and Dance while nobody look
52. I love quiet placez
53. I dont like been crowded with ppl
54. I uzually dont get nightmarez
55. Im not too kloze with my family
56. I love Zalty foodz
57. I wrote my whole room with black zpray when i waz in High Zkul
58. Im a City girl
59. My dream dog A Siberian Huzky
60. Honezty & zweetnezz getz to my heart quickly ♥

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Kane64 Report | 12/10/2011 5:28 pm
Yeah, so do I. Facebook holds my attention better then here. smile
so how ya been? Been a while since you have been on, I think. LoL
Nash-eoke_ the patcher Report | 12/02/2011 1:30 pm
Nash-eoke_ the patcher
You think your old and on Gaia. I boycotted the place for years and remained loyal to the Community of Orange and Green

I only joined because someone sent a fwd e.mail to a friend on my messenger contacts list. The link to Gaia Online.

And I went . ooh I remember that Gaia. Thats the site that frequently infected the Dying Cabbit patch with underage noobs that could'nt spell.

So I finaly gave in and joined. been here two years now. Glad I did , i've met some old friends. Big admins too , from the former patch.

I'm like 33


Kane64 Report | 11/12/2011 11:14 pm
I see. 24 and on Gaia, such a rare thing to see. Haha
Kane64 Report | 11/12/2011 9:59 am
I don't mind at all. From California and I am 27. What about you?
Kane64 Report | 11/12/2011 9:37 am
That is true and a good point.
Kane64 Report | 11/11/2011 11:14 pm
I would have to say Pride is, but Greed would be a really close second though.
Kane64 Report | 11/11/2011 10:15 pm
Totally. Why must things cost so much!? Arg
Kane64 Report | 11/11/2011 8:05 pm
Yeah, it really sucks when money is the main issue for why you can't do what you want to do or see your family.
Cunard_Bluestar Report | 11/11/2011 3:34 pm
" Here's lookin at you kid " =^_^=

* swigs Gin and Tonic *

* leans on bar *
Nash-eoke_ the patcher Report | 11/11/2011 2:42 pm
Nash-eoke_ the patcher
Dickie was a lady lovebird. Losing her was'nt sio bad , because she had been ill for some time. And only the other day I told her to just let go.

However loosing Nash-eoke back in 2003 was hard for me. He was my very first pet that I got when I left home and went into lodgings with a friend.
Again Nash-eoke was never a well rabbit. He had a digestion problem from the start and was always a lightweight and frail bunny boy , but so loveable and placid. We had him neutered or nobbled to prevent him from getting his shop bought sister Toky-Ohki up the pudding club.

But I dont know why we bothered as he was'nt realy interested in all that. = ^ _ ^ = Toky spent most of her time Slammin him into the side of the aluminium cage pen.

Neutering did'nt realy help Nashie.

On day Nash-eoke finaly produced solid poop ( Nesquick ) and I decided to give him a wash because his underside was green litteraly.

Unfortunately that same day he caught pnemonia . He later slipped through my hands like butter , and ended his life running on his side and screaming before he died.

I have never realy ever recovered from Nash-eoke. Neither can I let go of his memory due to such tragic circumstances.

Hence my first account on Gaia is Nash-eoke The Patcher. I was known as Nash-eoke on the Cabbit Patch forum 2004-06.

Everybody just calls me Nash.



R.I.P Dickie 2011
R.I.P Toky-Ohki 2007
R.I.P Nash-eoke 2003


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