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hey, my name is blair im 14 im a big fan of rand orton i like rock,hip hop and dance. I love anime. naruto,bleach,death note,inuyasha ( i cant wait until inuyasha the final act ^w^!!) ,and many more. i also write stories. im working on them right now but if u want to read them i might post them up. if u watch naruto u might understand it. im an animal lover. im working on getting fallen wish im deaing to get it!! so if anyone know how to get alot gold pm me plzz!!

arrow Crossing The Line Of Tears poem

I don't cut but I have bled
I keep my eyes shut and ignore what's said
I don't hurt myself but it has crossed my mind
To try and leave my troubles behind

I don't scream but I can hear me shout
It's hard to believe that sometimes I really want a way out
I don't cry but I can see tears
And I don't talk out loud but i can always hear

I don't throw a fit but I do go insane
And you may not see it, but I can always feel the pain
I may look strong,but I'm always at a loss
To cross the line that probably shouldn't be crossed

I've never hurt myself
And I'm not sure if I could
But there are sometimes that I wonder
If maybe I should

arrow lost soul by Randall Pela

You pass me on the street and out eyes briefly meet.
You hold the door open for me as I enter behind you.
I say thanks, but you have no idea that my mind is blank.
In the elevator you crack a joke, I flash a smile,
you have no idea that my heart is in denial.
You ask me how my day was and I say fine.
You have no idea that my brain and I are arguing to if I should cross the line.
My happiness is gone as I walk in this world.
The thoughts in my head have me wishing I was laying in a cold dark hole.
Once you lose your soul there is no turning back.
Everything you once dreamed of no longer has an impact.
You don't want to love nor do you want to have fun.
Your days are so long the problems in your mind make you question if you should carry on.
You smile so that's what people see on your face,
they think that you are happy but deep down inside you feel like a worthless disgrace.
Each day the performance you put on for people is Emmy award winning,
But you question yourself and wonder if you act is just a way for you to hold off your own internal sinnings.
When you wake up from a night's sleep you wonder to yourself if today is the day your heart will be back to it's old self or will it still be skipping every other beat.
You wonder if things that once made you happy to be alive will make a comeback.
You wonder if the little things in life that made you who you are will have you once again dreaming to the stars.
You wonder if you will feel less empty hearted.
You wonder to yourself who holds the match to start that fire.
You're tired of running and losing your breath.
You want to hold tight to something that will help you once again enjoy the journey into lives amazing treks.
You want to feel that every day can be better than the last.
You want to turn your lost soul feeling into a thing of your past.....

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love them very much!!!

I thought it safe to wear this fragile heart of mine on my sleeve. I thought it safe to trust him to help me care for it, but instead, He took this fragile heart of mine and dried up the flow of blood That kept it alive, that had enabled it to love. He left me heartless and cold, my soul now seeks vengeance. For I took this fragile heart of mine and placed it on my sleeve The sweet equivocation in his words lured me. Instinct told me to be weary, but a victim of a foolish heart, I ignored my sixth sense and did the predicatble, I obeyed the thirst in me that yearned for him and placed my fragile heart on my sleeve. Felt that cold chill; down my spine, as the wind echoed words of warning when in his arms I was embraced. The sweet equivocation in his words lured me And I fell prey to the foolish heart. Now im broken, because I fell in Love.

booboo!! <3