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I'm nothing special. I'm no better then you. I promise. You know me? Prove it. I bet you have already made some sort of judgment about me, whether its from my pictures, or even the bulletin i just posted. Ask me, i think your pathetic. I mean seriously? Get real sweety, you dont know s**t about me. And most likely, you never will. Im extremely SHY, at first! You may think im a b***h because im so shy, get to know me though, please. I can be the nicest person you ever meet, i swear. Once you get to know the real me, and im comfortable around you, im the most outgoing girl ever. Finding the biggest and shiniest stars in the middle of the night. Pointing the hose up in the air and seeing that little rainbow[: Getting texts that say " I love you" at 3:45 in the morning. The tiniest things in life mean the absolute most to me. There also the things that get to me the most. I take things kind of seriously, and let them them get to me way to easily. The littlest things are so confusing and hard for me to comprehend. :/ Im VERY excited for my future, cause i know im going to have one. A good one[: Just watch, i'm going to succeed in life. Your opinions probably wont make an impact on my life. Or what i do. I always give out way to much respect to people, and i dont get half of it back. I fall for guys extra easily, who are all complete idiots who dont care about anything. Sometimes i think guys just dont have emotions, or not as much as us girls at least.I have trust issues, because of the past. I dont trust anyone. Cept for my mommy. Thats honestly all. :/ Really sad to say. People are crazy though. Ha. My family means everything to me, and they are alwayss number one, and come before anyone. Always. I love my friends, they keep me going. Your hurt me or my heart, bad? I will not let chu back in my life. On the other hand though, i forgive pretty easily. I try not to hold grudges. im just a young girl with a big heart and a good head on her shoulders. Take some time to get to know the real me. Its worth it, and you wont regret it<3

Taylor Smith(:

short, loud, blonde, single, 15,
hyper, skinny, outgoing, talkative,
myself, juss T A Y L O R. ♥

I like,,
BOYS<3, malls, beaches, summer,
scary movies, food!, headbands,
best friends, imac, hello kitty,
dressing crazy, sleepovers, ect.

I dislike,,
drama, liars, cheaters, fakes,
wanna-be's, fallowers, being short,
people who think they know everything,
school, prank calls, lurkers.

Lauren and Lulu
They are super chilll!

me, ashlee, brooke.

im Taylorr.

this is me (:

oh baby! hah

i put the "BANG"
in "BANGABLE" wink

They be hot,,
Chase Crawford,
Ryan Sheckler,
Taylor Lautner,
Lil Wayne,