I Quit Gaia

I have a lot of good memories here on Gaia. I made many friends, played the flash games for hours, spent months questing items to make the perfect avatar, and spent tons of time chatting in the forums.

I ran a number of profile shops and had a lot of fun meeting all the cool people in the PD forums.

I horded avatar art like crazy and spent days in the AF and art shops.

I was there for zOMG! in it's most basic stages, glorious lag and all, I was there in SCAS and in zETA!

I was there for all the amazing Halloween and Christmas events, the summer Town Wars and the Rejected Olympics.

There are a lot of good things to say about Gaia, the characters, the community, the games, but there are also many bad things to be said about it.

First and foremost is the direction the company has taken.

Dozens of amazing features, abandoned.

Community needs ignored.

And most importantly, the blatant cash grabbing that has lead the site to its current terrible state, and ultimately will lead to its death.

When a site that was originally based around a wacky, fun, inclusive community instead turns its attention to constant begging for money, and spamming our announcements with 5 "flash sales" in a single day, when they increase inflation in their own community a few thousand percent in only a few months due to pure corporate greed, I have no choice but to wash my hands of it.

I at first decided I would speak with my wallet, and wouldn't buy the things I didn't like, but others did, then I didn't buy cash at all, but others did, and now I shall leave Gaia, while others stay.

I love what you were Gaia, I lament what you've become.

Tatsu out.