Abouut Mee

So here we go:
My name is Xandra.
I'm a certain amount of years, that you will never know.
So Don't Ask!

Likes =
*Visiting your local mall. ;3
*Watching movies:

-malibu most wanted
-scary movie1,2,3,4
-Funny people
-Fast and the Furious

I live in Texas.
No we aren't all country pplz.
Get over the stereotype.
I enjoy watching tv, like alot of other pplz
Mtv, Vh1... Yeah that's some of it. No more!!!

A little more about me then,
You'll just have to talk to me..
Eh? eh?

Like I said only a bit more.
Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Alternative.~
Take that people of gaia,
I R hurr. :3

Leave the comments,
And befriend me. >:]