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Nekoru_x Report | 02/10/2020 6:35 pm
tashi! heart i visit once every two years! hope you're well dear!
yugiohdueler Report | 03/08/2019 7:18 pm

I didn't think the Trade was sent. But i did see it and replied.

Did you see my reply?
yugiohdueler Report | 03/08/2019 7:02 pm

I just checked the marketplace value. It's roughly 400 million each.

I need 6 more. I'm willing to trade for 460 million each.
yugiohdueler Report | 03/08/2019 6:59 pm
I do need more, and am willing to trade.

What's the Marketplace value on them?
yugiohdueler Report | 03/08/2019 6:55 pm

yup. I needed that item for an item I'm crafting.

Thanks for keeping your prices reasonable
NeoHolyKnight Report | 03/08/2019 2:56 pm
NeoHolyKnight Report | 03/08/2019 2:33 pm
NeoHolyKnight 4:08-4:48 <33
rosiesenpai Report | 03/08/2019 10:32 am
Thank you, Well then again haven't really figure what armor style I want to put together though I wanted to match my bf armor style in some form. So one reason. Not sure when I'll wear it but just another once a gaia reminder I guess. lol Anyhow, thank you again.
rosiesenpai Report | 03/08/2019 9:30 am
Thank you, I don't think I will. Though I did forgot about that armor and this gaiaversary reminded me of the sponsor grants. So I miss many though collected what I thought I wanted then. Now reunited once again. wink Thanks.
Zentaro Shikari Report | 03/08/2019 1:10 am
Zentaro Shikari

I am what I am
I'm a girl, I'm a man, kindo mix

Thank you very much~!

Kill me if you don't like me no more,
I'm so easy.


Cloud Siren

A little about me.
I am pretty easy going/
I love conversation of all forms.
My name is Siren
I am 27 y/o
I have super light brown hair.
I have deep blue eyes.
Many would say it is unwise to share personal info on here so I won't post my real name.
I have a tendency to love a few with my whole heart.
It never necessary mean in a physical manner.
I tend to keep to myself, but I do enjoy going out greatly.
I used to never have time to get on the computer and would get pulled left right and straight.
But here I am today.
If I had to a choice to be either a guy or girl
I would say I am gender fluid and would never get rid of my feminine body.
God made us a certain way for a reason and perhaps acceptance is all that is needed.

I know it's weird that I will head straight towards the men room and feel awkward on more than one occasion walking into the woman's room. But hey I don't really decide when I feel more woman than man.
It is kinda of like a mechanism in my brain switches on or off.

Anyways I love dresses to the max so yeah, lady body is too awesome.
Umm... idk really what else to say.
I would say I am totally Single, but I would be lying if I said i was not interested in a few someone's.

If someone told me I had to change for them I would be a bit upset. I like to be myself as best as I can and I would want them to be theirself as well.

No one truly changes purposefully. I believe if there was someone you would want to change for it would be more naturally than them asking you to do it. It would probably be a want or desire.... I think.

Not really sure because I am not really skilled in that area. sweatdrop

I would say that I am probably super awkward now more than in the past.

If I could be my true self, then I would be going out every night doing such and such this or such and such that.

Especially with more than one person.

Would be so cool if I could have that sincere group of friends again like that. I feel i do have that somewhat, but it would truly could be built upon.

So yeah. heart


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