Me! C:

My name is Natasha. I'm in 12th grade.
I am taken by the most beautiful woman on the entire planet. So stay away.7/11/13∞ emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
I love chocolate.
I love pandas.
I love elephants.
I'm a lesbian. Don't judge.
I love winter time.
I don't take bullshit.
I don't like fake people.
I am a Scorpio.
I love writing in my journal.
I love swimming in the ocean or any pool.
I love candles.
I love Disney.
I love Avatar the Last Airbender.
I love Legend of Korra.
I love pillow pets.
I love HUGS.
I love the rain.
I love big sweaters.
I love GANGNAM STYLE. emotion_dealwithit
I love Lily Flowers.
I am sensitive.
This is me. PM if you want to be friends. Just be friendly. cat_blaugh