Yes~! I made this layout. I love it. <333

Basically, I'm a high school senior in IB. FINALLY.
I enjoy theatre.
Chorus too.
Along with writing, as long as it's not essays.
I draw too, but I feel ashamed with a vast majority of them so I never post any on my devArt, Lauis.
I enjoy reading, even though hardly read for enjoyment and pleasure anymore. School assigned s**t takes up most of my time. Boo~.
I do like the Twilight series since it is my ultimate escape from my own teenage realistic life and I can jump into a generic Mary Sue's head and watch how she copes with hot men drooling after her.
I have a ff.net account too. Under Lauis. You can tell that I like that name.
Fandoms that I indulge in are:
Soul Eater
Kingdom Hearts
Harry Potter


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Taru's Journal! <3

Currently in my journal: ----- A couple of my quiz results, since I am a quiz whore. ----- My bishie shrines.


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Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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would you like to join the harajukulovers guild?

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Merry Christmas Cathy-Chan!~


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I had Viva la Vida stuck in my head all day....
Emperor Gay Man

Report | 10/08/2009 11:37 am

Emperor Gay Man

I'm actually REALLY busy on Saturday, I'm really sorry. My mum is moving to her new house this weekend and upcoming week (she was supposed to move last week, but the garage door didn't pass inpsection, so it was delayed yet again), and I've gotta help with that. I might be able to come see The Mousetrap with you guys, but I'm not exactly sure what all needs to get done on Saturday, so I'm not sure. I'm not actually working tech for the Mousetrap, apparently they DIDN'T sign me up for anything like they said they did, so... oops. But when you go see it, make sure you (loud and obnoxiously) admire the windows, that's my handiwork, I did them all by myself! It took me more or less 6 hours, and I DID pour sweat and blood into them (no tears, but oh well, it's still really dramatic), so I've been making sure everyone knows it and congratulates me. 8D

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Emperor Gay Man

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Emperor Gay Man

Well, I don't know if he stays at his house every weekend, because some weekends he jut spends the weekend out with Chris and Sierra (apparently they all got drunk with some Phi Mu Alpha guys this past weekend), but all that matters to me is that he's gone, and life is beautiful.
Lol, yes, now you totally have a reason to talk to talk to him the next time you see him. You can ask him about theatre AND IB. I just thought it was great how, out of all the guys in the Theatre department, you managed to pick one that graduated from BHS, and one that graduated from an IB school. It's like yall are destined ...to be polygamists? XD
Cathy, yeah! I'll totally even be a creeper and come sit in the back of the auditorium that day. It hadn't even crossed my mind how many times you guys from IB and BHS have to come to FSC, I'm loving this! But yeah, you can totally chill with me that day, and I def. don't think I'll be busy that night (unless I get cast), so I'll come see you guys perform too! I didn't know Lola was in chorus now, that's great. How is she (both vocally and health/wellness-wise)? That's SUPER wierd that neither Katie nor Steph got in, I would have thought Katie would be a shoe in. I'm glad you got in though!
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Emperor Gay Man

Heh, yeah, going back to IB would be like placing my a** on the stove after just climbing out of the oven. I'm so glad that bich is over.
Has Guice handed your outlines back yet? What happened with that?
Eh, I don't actually know if I'm doing Candlelight or not , do you wanna ask Poole for me? I was working while you guys were filming the audition tape, and I could have taken off for that day, but in my book, paying for tuition is much more important than getting free disney tickets. But Sarah told me that Poole put some extra people in the tape this year just in case, so if he'll still let me come in the place of one of those filler people, then sure, I'll come.
Brad is just ridiculous, I'm so glad he goes home on the weekends, he just got back to the room a few hours ago, but before then, I've had the room to myself since he left for class on Friday morning.
The worst part is, I'm making a sincere effort to get over how much of a jackass he is, which makes me dislike him even more because of the effort I'm putting in the try to enjoy his presence.
The IB format IS so much easier, isn't it? I love it. Speaking of IB, it keeps happening that I'll be wearing my IB shirt or talking about IB and such, and out of the blue, people that I've known for weeks will be like "You were in IB? So was I!!". It's great, I've met at least 5 kids that were in IB in hig school, including one from a different state (Alabama), named Jessica. Also, I can't remember if you've already told me this or not, but did you know Seth was in IB over in Land-o-Lakes?
Emperor Gay Man

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Emperor Gay Man

Hi there! Eh, I know I SHOULD be doing homework, but idk. I really think that IB taught me work hard under extreme pressure, and now, since there's no significant pressure, I just don't feel that thing that made me get the majority of my work done. To be honest, I did my summer redaing because I thought there would be repercussion for not having read it, and now I see that most people didn't finish the book. I also did my journals and readings for Acting class because I was afraid of Paul's wrath, and I almost always did them the night before, but now that I know that he doesn't collect our journal entries unil the 28th, I've decided to put them off for a while. And also, I hate my Western Civ class (I don't know if I told you this, but my teacher reminds me of a mix between the creeper side of Helmick and the pathetic, astronomy-obsessed side of Webb), which is the class that I'm currently slacking on homework for. He wants us to do the online Pre and post tests and chapter tests for like, 4 chapters, but he's definitely not the type of guy who cares when you get the work done, so I feel no... drive, you know?
I think THATS the amount of homework I need to keep me motivated, maybe I should go back to IB.... ROTFLMFAO. biggrin
I honestly can't give you any advice on the EE outline, because I did it completely wrong myself, and I have no idea what Guice wanted. His instructions confused the hell out of me. Sorry! I don't think the length matters though, I think Guice wants quality of quantity.
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Emperor Gay Man

So guess what?
Work doesn't even start this week, my boss was no where to be found and the Rec Room isn't even finished. I was stressed about it for nothing, AND I got disgustingly sweaty walking to and fro from here and there trying to figure out what the eff was going on. But I DID get to do some sight-seeing on the way (there was some pool party shindig, and did I mention college boys are YUM? ^_^


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