Taro is an artist - or so he claims.
But let's let you be the judge of that.
If you want art, just check out Taro's Art Shack,
or Taro's DeviantArt gallery (links in signature).
Other passions on Gaia are Roleplaying, of which
Taro is currently playing a few. Taro does art for a breedables guild called Toxicity, and one of Taro's own creation, called
Empyreans. This opened the flood gates, and now, aside from running The Otherworlds guild, which includes Taro's lifepassion Ul-Zaorith, Taro's also helping out in Skieborne's new breedabls shop and doing guest art for others, including Valse De La Lune.
And of course, Taro loves dressing up in crazy
outfits. Not an ATer, Taro doesn't go for that
rating schtick, he just wears what he likes.

Out side of Gaia, Taro writes novels of the
fantasy persuasion, and hopes someday to
have these published. Beyond that, Taro
enjoys sewing and costuming, and of course,
art, manga and video games.

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Links pertaining to Taro:
Art Addiction
This is where I am collecting art of my Ahd'ar'ohk

Cosmos Continuum
this is where you can convince me to draw art for you

DeviantArt Gallery
this is where you can find the art i do.

Otherworlds Guild
This is the Guild I have started, it includes the information on Ul-Zaorith, re-organized and sorted, as well as the Empyreans subforum and RPG. Check them out!

Empyreans Shop
Look for Special Events each month!

Pets can now be seen in my Journal...because, they're swallowing me whole! XD


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Jer Rahnah'la sentursesa ssaorith'let

<i>The Goddess of the Weary World</i>

Here find you tomes of leather bound in inky darkness, and within the regards of Ul-Zaorith in the present day...


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Thank you for your purchase! heart
Have a nice day! ^_^

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thxs for buying biggrin

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*nibbles all over* heart
Mattias Baerd Brecht

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Mattias Baerd Brecht

Cool avi

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T-thaaaank yoooou~! crying heart

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*flings love on her* heart

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Stalked your dA Gallery hehe 4laugh
I love the way you do backgrounds <3

And your name makes me crave for taro cake redface

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I had heard that you would no longer be frequenting Gaia . . . yet, your profile indicates that you visited here only yesterday.

And I have missed you . . .
I_Perverted Pancake_I

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I_Perverted Pancake_I

Music is life
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I will draw you as MANY Commisions as you want for Kiki, do you want the link to my new art shoppe?

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