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Derelyct Report | 03/26/2017 6:50 am
Oh lol my mistake I saw someone else say happy bday to you, I think?
Derelyct Report | 03/25/2017 7:11 am
Oh and wait! Isn't it your bdayy???? GawdanG. Lol imagine a wild west accent there.
Looks like I owe you gifts x2.
Well it's courtesy to get your friend a gift on his bday s that's the one owed.. The other, heh, shall we callit a gesture of appreciation or something of the such? Haha.
Derelyct Report | 03/25/2017 6:56 am
Oh and wait! Isn't it your bdayy???? GawdanG. Lol imagine a wild west accent there.
Looks like I owe you gifts x2.
Well it's courtesy to get your friend a gift on his bday s that's the one owed.. The other, heh, shall we callit a gesture of appreciation or something of the such? Haha.
Derelyct Report | 03/25/2017 6:53 am
Good god, I'm Dorely in love with and deathly envious of your bg and layout. The character I more or less most identify with / identified with as a teen was a Okazaki, my main nig. 'crept my right knee was by, not shoulder d;
Hahajelly of your name, takin a peek at your wish list now. And I haven't gotten a response so I'm sure that means you've yet to be on since we last talked and I can rely on a message, trade, and a chat in a few, whenev's yer on.
JoyRose Report | 11/25/2016 3:42 pm
User Image Happy Birthday!
Vixiie Report | 03/17/2016 5:41 am
Hey!! wahmbulance
Your Anjel Report | 11/01/2015 6:51 am
Your Anjel
Oh, now I remember 3nodding
Thank you very much, Tamoya Kun 3nodding
Your Anjel Report | 11/01/2015 6:50 am
Your Anjel
Uhmm...sent request in what Tmoya Kun...?
Your Anjel Report | 10/26/2015 4:21 pm
Your Anjel
Tamoya Kun, can you join the guild SUPREME ALLIANCE, please?
ang the reason you wanna join is Invited you?
Im new in the guild but I want others to join too 3nodding
thank you.
kittyluv09 Report | 10/25/2015 11:53 am
Thank you again.! ~ heart

It's an empty world

It's an empty world. The only thing alive are me and the plants, the plants that make this world so beautiful. Theirs mountains full of tree's and fields full of flowers. In a valley of trees lies a light, a light so warm and wonderful. A light that radiates a sense of love. A light that radiates a sense of Curiosity. I live here all alone. It's very quiet here, and very peaceful. But also very lonely. All I have are the plants and my very thoughts. A very large tree stands tall on the top of a hill. At the base of the tree there's a hole, that creates my home. Sometimes it gets really cold at night, so I cover my self with a blanket of leafs. I still get cold, but it warms me some.

I like to sit in a valley filled with so many different flowers. I find it beautiful how the different colors blend so well together. The valley is a long ways away from my home but it's always worth the walk. Sometimes the wind will get strong enough make the flowers look like a moving picture. I love to stand in the middle of the valley, with my hair blowing with the flowers.

As I look up at the sky I see another world. What's on that world? Is there more people like me, or is there another person all alone as well. I wonder if they feel lonely too. Do they seek nothing but a friend like I do? I would be there friend if they wanted me too... But what would I know. I barely know about my world. There's so much that I haven't learned about this place. Am I truly all alone in this world? What kind of life is that? Living all alone with no one to love you, or even know who you are. It's like I'm not even real. But I have to be real, other wise I wouldn't be able to see this beautiful world. However am I destined to have only my thoughts? Destined to always roam this world alone?

I like to to visit the mysterious light every once in awhile. In a way the light gives me company as if it's a living thing. Something weird happens with the light as the day goes on. During the day the lights the size of a pebble, but as night comes, the light grows bigger then shrinks back down as the sun rises back up. What makes the light change in size?


Tamoya Kun

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Gender: Male

Birthday: 11/25

Occupation: Security

About Me

Hey there.. I'm Tamoya Kun I'm 20 years old, and I live in Arizona in the united states. Right now I'm currently attending college, I'm getting an associates in general studies while I figure out what I want to do with my life. The only real hobby I ever had was sitting in my room, playing XBOX or on my computer.

I only have a couple real friends. And I love them to death. I've been bullied, and back stabbed all my life, so I've never really cared to much about socializing in real life. I find it much easier to have friends online. Not because I can lie and"act cool" but because I can find people with similar ideas, and not worry about being judged everywhere I go. Even today I get bullied. I've really grown to just ignoring people though. Being bullied your entire life is nothing fun. And nobody should ever have to endure it. Bullying is psychologically proven to cause social disorders within people. Can you expect anything less? If your constantly bullied, why would you want to socialize with others? Gaia is my escape from the world. It's not a place to kill time, It's a place I go to escape all the bullshit. If I have a bad day at work, I come home and relax on gaia, socializing with better people.

Anyways I love music. It's my way out sometimes. Theres a song for every emotion, and expierience a person may have. I can relate to almost any song. I hate how people say oh thats a girly song. No it's not a girly song, it's real music. Rather than all that rap bull s**t thats out.

I love the people on gaia ^^ and I've met some great people. One of my favorite people is Dark Midnight. She acts nervous, but your can tell she's a real fun and out going person if you get to know her. Every she sends makes me laugh or smile (: Next is my bro Roxas. Honestly it pisses me off that he has that name cause Roxas is one of my favorites from the Kingdom Hearts Series. And I can't be a copy Roxas, that would just be lame! Next is Commissar ibram gaunt. He's insanley smart and know's a lot of stuff. Half the time he leaves me spechless with the conversations. It's not often I cant think of a reply and I gotta give him props for that. He's insanley skilled at videos games, and takes his gaming seriously so don't mess with him and his laptop o.o Next is Sayuri Cho. She is a sweet heart ^^ She has helped so much with the guild, and I know if I had to ever leave gaia, I know she would be able to take care of the guild for me. ^^ Lastly is LaPivoineRouge she has made me so many wonderful graphics for gaia, and is really trustworthy (: When you give her creative freedom she works wonders ^^


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