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My name is Tamiya Nyan, second born son of Tamiya Toryu, the former Daimyo of the Izumi Province of the New Empire of Japan. After a failed seaborne assault on "The Zone", a region dominated by Oni and their allies, I miraculously survived alone while adrift on my burned out vessel all the way to the Pacific North West.

No longer able to reach my homeland I spent many years as a wandering adventurer, or Ronin, as it would be said in my native tongue. During that time I made many friends and acquaintances who persisted in their wish that I would one day settle down. After my wife and eldest son were brutally assassinated while I was away chasing down two-bit villains and tyrants, I finally decided to take their advice and began the process of founding a new nation among the very people that rescued me from the sea so many years ago.

While I keep my skills sharp and even organized a new martial school known as the Tamiya Nitokenjutsu-Ryo, within which I teach the most promising students my own unique combat form, I have primarily settled down as a politician and diplomat bearing the title of "Speaker of the Republican Council" within the boundaries of the Republic of New Haven.

I have visited this dimension previously, during a brief period of wanderlust, but have since returned as my remaining son is leading a team in search of a long time friend and adventuring companion who has come to this dimension and gone into hiding for unknown reasons. Like any father, of course I began to worry and so decided to return to Gaia myself.


"An experienced and skilled swordsman can be a monster that will take the lives and limbs of his enemies in the blink of an eye. A master, however, should always prefer to leave the battlefield unstained with blood - neither his own nor his opponent's."

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An Account of a Home Away From Home

This journal will document my experiences both here as well as those I experience in my home dimension through the duration within which I shall be traveling back and forth - at least until my son's mission is complete.