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Mizu Kamiya Report | 09/28/2019 6:07 pm
Mizu Kamiya
Perhaps it was the area that was haunted o-o
I hope I never see that again it was creepy and yet I still want to visit a haunted place like in ghost adventures x'D
Will I live?
Dun dun dun dun

Talking about sushi a friend might be visiting soon so we might get sushi if she does :3
There's one that I really like I just don't recall the name but it's sorta spicy, fried, and it has shrimp

I know Hammy be in hammy heaven Q__Q
One of my other friend's recently told me one of her beloved dogs passed away sadness u-u
I think I'll cry if something ever happens to my dog ;___;
I wish dogs would live as long as us.
Mizu Kamiya Report | 09/16/2019 1:29 am
Mizu Kamiya
Seriously it was creepy! Q__Q
What if it was a demon!!?? Probably as scary as NF from zomg x'D
-insert pic of red scary neffy-

User Image

But really the day that I saw it I was running late to class. I would usually take the short cut where there's an intersection of stops. Normally I would go straight for dee short cut. However, while getting to the stop I noticed a tall person or something tall dressed up all in black. I mean entirely in black! It was thin walking on the street from the direction I would usually take. At first I thought it was odd. It was early and somewhat HOT to be wearing a robe. The thing was all in black with a robe or something with a cape, couldn't see the face not even the hands and it was wearing a weird pointy hat. Idk how to describe it was just weird! e__e' you know your senses when they tell you something is not right? As I stared at it trying to figure out what I was seeing I started getting creeped out, deciding whether to take the short cut where it was coming from or the long way. Then I saw another car from a distance coming to that same stop. It was my turn to go but I was just confused and I'm sure I noticed that other driver noticed it too cause they turned and kept looking that direction! Then another car behind me from a distance was coming and so I went the long way.I went left instead of straight. I kept checking my rear view mirror to see if I could see the thing through it but the turn made it impossible to see so I kept going. Barely made it to class but any who it was just creepy! There was no face! Just a silhouette of a person with a robe cape thing and a weird witches pointy weirdly shape hat idk @-@' But you know what's weird? Whatever I saw was close to the stop as I made my turn but when I looked through the rear mirror within SECONDS of turning I didn't see anything!!!! So that's why I kept checking it but nothing! What in the world?? Getting creeped out just remembering!!! x'DD;;;

And oh em gee! Talo I watch that too! Dead Files / Ghost Adventures / Ghost Hunt / Paranormal State ....anything scary <'3
I like watching scary things lol

I'm not a fan of fish but I can eat it. Sometimes in sushi and rare times when my mom makes fish stew I have to eat it LOL
I just sometimes don't like the fishy taste/smell but if I put lemon I can eat it haha
Tho there was a time I tried some fried fish on a short vacation with family and I loved it! I just don't remember what it was called.

Cute little Hammy but I believe Cowie said his mom accidentally killed HAMMY Q___Q'
I think she was cleaning the house and some product made his hamster sick and died
rip hammy ;__;
Mizu Kamiya Report | 08/31/2019 12:34 am
Mizu Kamiya
Talking about creepy pastas
A few years ago when I was on my way to school I saw something weird creepy @-@
To this day I still don't know what I saw
I even drew what I saw but I think I lost that sketch e-e'

I never been fishing although some family has but I always ditch them x'D
For some reason I always assumed it'd be boring but perhaps it is fun. How is it for you Talochan?
Is it difficult fishing? A while ago nephews went fishing and one of them caught a big fish. Too big he took a picture of it o-o'
If I find it I'll show it to you! :"D

Also! Guess what I found??
So I was going through old PM's on my mule and saw Cowie's msg!
He sent a picture of Hammy! His chubby cute pet lol
User Image
Mizu Kamiya Report | 07/26/2019 11:36 pm
Mizu Kamiya
Lucky! Peacocks have pretty feathers *O*
Oh a family friend has a white parrot, it's bigger but it talks tho xD

Oh my gauushhh! Talo same same! lol
Sometimes when I spook myself at night I end up watching funny videos online or listen to happy music so I don't get freaked out
I like to listen to scary creepy pastas during nighttime on youtube ;D
Mizu Kamiya Report | 07/12/2019 11:38 pm
Mizu Kamiya
I'm trying to remember if I ever pet something at the zoo besides chickens and sheep lol xD
I fer sure pet a parrot cause my mom has one lol except it doesn't talk ;w;

Talo-chan do you like scary movies? Cause I do <'3

Besides Aladdin you should also watch the new movie of Annabelle >:3
It wasn't that scary but some parts were just suspense of what might pop out haha
One of my friends actually had her ears covered up the whole entire time OMG x'DD and she's the one that wanted to see it? why? lol

User Image
Mizu Kamiya Report | 06/23/2019 2:36 am
Mizu Kamiya
While feeding the cute giraffes were you allowed to pet them as well? :3

I'm actually afraid of big dogs Q~Q
A few years ago while walking to church in Mexico with my niece and mom we randomly got cornered by 2 huge rottweilers
They kept aggressively barking and some bystander truck actually scared them away with his car so we were saved x'D
so now I usually pet the little ones instead haha

What I like about water parks is slides with donuts because you can ride with friends :'D
The only ones I get scared of are the single rider slides lol

Also have you seen new movie in theaters? <'3
Aladdin! *w*
Mizu Kamiya Report | 06/15/2019 9:16 pm
Mizu Kamiya
Almost forgot, Cowie said he lived somewhere in Canada. Either Toronto or some where else I can't remember
Mizu Kamiya Report | 06/15/2019 8:43 pm
Mizu Kamiya
Oh my goodness The Falls, very beautiful! *w*
OMO! Giri! Giraffes! So cute up close! *O*
I would try to feed them but then I would be too scared LOL
Cute from a distance, scary from up close tho ahahah xDD

Aww your family is so cute :3
Glad you had fun Talo!

I probably might visit family in Mexico in a month or so :3
Looking forward to water parks with family <3

Last time one of my nieces accepted a challenge and almost drowned omg! x'DD
Luckily lifeguards were there so she was safe and sound just a lil scared and she laughed it off LOL
Mizu Kamiya Report | 06/13/2019 11:24 pm
Mizu Kamiya
One of my old friends name was Daisy haha
Cute Name btw <'3
Glad you had fun! Must've been beautiful! *w*
Any pictures?

Also didn't Cowie live in Toronto? or somewhere around that area?
I forget @-@;
Mizu Kamiya Report | 06/08/2019 9:47 pm
Mizu Kamiya
Pauline is soo cute too!!! *w*
I want to hold her now ;-;
Snuggled up in that blanket lol

I see her stuffed animals by her or are those your sister's? xD