So I'm Aaron
Have the most truly amazing girfriend

It's amazing how much she means to me, she's just so wonderful! We have the most fun out of all the people i know and she just makes me feel like Aaron =] When she's around, she should never leave, and when she's not, she defo should be! And to think it's all because of myspace... ty! =]

And my friends, omg my friends! They're awesome, so much fun. But we need more good times. I'll leave the house more, promise =]

Guitars and Games, that's most of my free time. I'm a bit of a noise monster when it comes to it, but what more should you expect when Bellamy's my hero? My gamertag is Tepid Cadaver, add me and we'll play Halo sometime, love that game! Also an incredibly proud owner of a Wii and the Special edtion PDZ =]

I attend SEEVIC college, studying English language, physics, fine art and maths. And I'd never have thought they would actually be good! =] Will be off to university in a year and a bit, to study architecture under the Royal Institute of British Architecture (Oh, that sounds good =]) so I'll build you a building one day.