I Wasn't put here for your entertainment, I refuse to b***h and complain about my problems, Don't make me hear yours. I Enjoy the 'old' stuff. I'm Not "cool" I Love The Rain. I Don't Know What "Normal" Is. I Do Believe In Love At First Sight. I Am A Hypocrite, I Believe The Word "Love" Is Used Loosely. Life Is Too Short To Be Ignorant, My Scars Have Stories. I'm Not Afraid Of Who I Am, I Won't Fake To 'Fit In'. And I Love Disney and Anime, I'm Not Perfect and Neither are you. I Hate People Who Think Their Better Than Others. I'm A lot of things, but I'm not a Liar. I'm Friendly And Then I'm Not. I Love Music All Kinds, I'm Not Subjected To One Genre. I'm Not A People Person, I Don't Have Many Friends.