like: fish not for eating, tomato juice, sailing, superpower movies, making flower chains, surfies, napping during the day, jasmine, garth nix books, videogames, charitable people.
dislike: bigots, crowds, waiting in line, chooks not for eating, seafood, financial matters, greasy hair, reckless drivers, when markers run outta juice

I rarely come here - when I do, its often for events or to drop a line to old friends.

I like to draw gaia avatars, and I don't often take commissions, as i'm picky.
I'm not American, I am affronted by pushy, demanding shoppers. If I draw you for free, don't pester me for more freebies emotion_8c I chose you coz you seemed cooler than that emotion_yatta Try asking for a commission with items, as I don't know what to do with pure.