Hello, call me Takara, please. ^-^

I don't play Gaia much, so I may be confused with a lot of stuff here, ha ha~

I'm a bit obsessive about exploding chocolates and oranges. I can be random, but you'll get used it it... or not. :/

So yeah, friend me if you want, but I'd rather get to know you before I accept. I enjoy chatting, so feel free to mail me. I don't bite.... usually. ;P

Oh, and my name probably confuses you, so I'll just make it clear: I am Chinese by birth & American by citizenship. Not Japanese. *nods*


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Rikku Yamaneko

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Rikku Yamaneko


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there's some pearl thang they give you to put in your tank

I think it's called the Overseeker or something ._. idk

But the pearl opens it's mouth everyday, when you click on it, it gives you a free item.

If you take care of your tank more, the item gets better. But I don't think it'll hand out anything uberrrr rare xD

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yeahhh thats what happens when you don't hoard friends xD The status stays there ;D

My fish always end up dyeing =v= But i decided to take care of them because you get an item every day if you take care of them

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Hey tak (:

You can get fish from the marketplace, which is found under the community tab

simply search for fish in the search bar. I believe you can find them by simply typing in 'Aquarium' and a list of things/fish for your aquarium will appear

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Takara.. La xD!

That's catchy c|.

Takara ~ La. Takara ~ La.

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No. I'm not new...I just never go on.
Templique Angelos

Report | 01/10/2008 5:03 pm

Templique Angelos

WOW ARE U new??


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