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More to add later on...

Name: Takanashi Izu (Not real name)
Age: 20
Occupation: Swordcrafter, Craftknight, Aerial User, PT Pilot
Main Element: Luna (Moon)
Main Power: Aerial
Main Weapon: Sword, Knuckle, Spear
PT (Mecha) Name: Original Stake (STK T-001) a.k.a BlackStake
Aerial Unique Power: Aerial Regeneration
Current Mission: Online on CosmicBreak and playing English translation for Super Robot Wars J

* A unique power that all living things possess it but most living things cannot extract his power at will... Only certain living things can use it... Those who (human) can use this power are called 'Aerial User'. Each of Aerial user possessed unique Aerial power such as Blade, Pierce, Bash, Fire, Earth, Regeneration etc.

MY AERIAL (details)

* Regenerate 5% of max aerial capacity each 5 second even during battle. It regenerate passively without eat up users concentration...


* This phase of regeneration can stack with the first phase. It steal/absorb aerial from other Aerial user (eg. enemy that has Aerial) or Aerial element directly by using Aerial thread (by using some of Aerial power to take shape of thread and launch to another Aerial user/materials) and absorb through it. This can also connect to allied Aerial user and chain regenerate his/her Aerial from the enemy Aerial user via through the Regeneration Aerial user...

P/s: This phase is risky to used as if the targeted user purposely transmit it's aerial to user or Aerial user that absorbed it, the person Aerial's might overload. Aerial user with overload status may not be able to control it's Aerial at will and have higher chances to go berserk...


* This phase is the upgrade version of first phase with increase Aerial regeneration. This phase regenerate Aerial more faster rate with 30% of max Aerial capacity each 5 second. It regenerative power can be seen by naked eye, more like an energy burst to the user. This phase can also be used to regenerate 25% of max Aerial capacity of the Aerial user each 5 second...


*This phase is the final phase for most aerial user and also a deadly phase. Every aerial user has unique fourth phase power so not all Aerial user have the same fourth phase even in the same clan/power. Aerial Overload is the fourth phase for Regeneration clan/user. It overload the user with aerial more than 500% of the max capacity of the user. It can use any power that any other aerial user can and cannot do. It can only activated for the first time when the user experience near death situation. It's main technique are Zankantou Slasher (which summon a really big and long aerial blade and can slash people with enourmous speed)


*This phase can only be used by certain Aerial user who have knew and mastered their Deadly Elemental Fourth Phase and can be activated once the fourth phase is activated. Just like fourth phase, the special aerial power is vary to every aerial user. Special Aerial Fifth Phase of Regeneration is a awakening power in which awaken dead Aerial (the dead who still have aerial left) turning their Aerial into a fighting machine or recover Aerial power to Aerial user. It can awaken a large mass of dead Aerial and could be turn into Aerial army. This power is unlimited to the user itself.


* A melee combat mech. This mech relies only on melee and did not pre-equipped with range weapon such as guns, vulcan, cannon etc. Main weapon for BlackStake are Twin Blade and ExTernal Blade (a blade that can unleashed shockwaves and a very big and long green 'diamond blade'). It also has a sheild mounted permanently on the right arm. Stake can change environment adaptation into two other types or so call 'mode'. Type-1 is specialized on Ground, Type-2 specialized in air and Type-3 is specialized in outer space.
The main colour for this mech is entirely black. Red-Eye Technology and Blue-Eye Technology are also installed into the mech (Red-Eye Tech) in later STK type. (Red-Eye is a system that integrate an Aerial user to drain Aerial from the pilot to the mech to unleashed mechs special power)(Blue-Eye Tech have same description with Red-Eye Tech but much more powerful. Needed to summon 'Diamond Blade'

* Aerial also can be used to override all pilotable mech or power suit (regardless of the specialty or adaptation of the mech to specific person) and enable them to pilot the override mech but in exchange of draining Aerial instead of using mech default energy suplier.

*WARNING!! Red-Eye Technology and Blue-Eye Tech can only be used by an Aerial user, If used by non-Aerial user, it'll used up the source of Aerial in the person and the mech will take over the persons body instead.


A great power is needed to defeat great enemy but too much power will eventually turn into their enemy as well...

<a href="http://P4A.jp/" target="_blank"><img src="http://P4A.jp/bn/bn_198x85.gif" border="0" width="198" height="85" alt="ペルソナ4アニメーション" title="ペルソナ4アニメーション" /></a>


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