Instruction Guide for Taiyou Ookami Unit.
Note: The Taiyou Ookami Unit has stolen the unit concept from the Hungarian Bacon Unit who stole another unit and this list shall end here other wise it would be never ending.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Taiyou Ookami Unit and are fully responsible for all of her actions, stupid or smart. “Your unit is one of the most fun-loving, original, and creative units yet to be released. Her only malfunction is occasional clumsiness, but even this can be viewed as adorable. She is of rather intelligent manufacture and should be cared for like a kitten (as she is one).” - Hungarian Bacon unit.

General Information:
Name: Taiyou Ookami
Nicknames: Taiyou, Tai, Belle, Bella
Date of Manufacture: December 27th [is often times forgotten about due to the closeness to the date of Christmas, which makes the Taiyou Ookami Unit very sad]
Place of Manufacture: America [so very boring]
Gender: Female
Height: Around 5’5”
Weight: Around 120 pounds

Standard Accessories:
A bunch of random t-shirt, which are most of the time red or black, but occasionally brightly colored. An assortment of jeans, most with a few holes in them. A small selection of skirts and dresses.
Random pieces of ribbon
A watch
A red iPod and headphones
Cell phone
Cat ears or tail

Unless there is a random error in your Taiyou Ookami Unit, which should never happen, she should perform all of her functions without a problem.

RPer: The Taiyou Ookami Unit takes pride in her addiction to roleplaying, no not in that way you perverted owners. She will spend extensive amounts of time trying to perfect the post she is writing unless she is totally uninspired by the RP. She also highly enjoys creating posting formats for the RPs she is in.

Poet/Writer: Your unit enjoys writing both poetry and stories, though she feels as if all of her writing sucks and should be burned without reading. If you pry and beg enough, or if you are her annoying English teacher and force her to, she might eventually let you read some of her work…though if you were despite enough you could just read the RPs on gaia. [Note from Hungarian Bacon Unit: Her writing does not suck. It is amazing. Do not listen to her.]

Professional Doodler/Part Time Cartoonist: Your Taiyou Ookami Unit can often times be found doodling at the most random of times. It normally happens when she is bored in class or has a sudden urge. Most of her doodling takes place on the Japanese Room White Board at her school or in her Assignment Pad. Your Unit may also get the sudden urge to turn her little doodles into cartoons.

Advice Giver: Your unit often times finds herself giving advice to other units. She doesn’t remember when she started to give advice, but it happened and apparently she must be rather good at it because she finds herself giving it to people left and right. She doesn’t know what to do with her own life, but she can work out other peoples rather well.

Cat: The Taiyou Ookami Unit will often (correction: always) act like a cat. This includes protective instincts, wanting to hunt pray, enjoying being pet on the head, scratched under the chin, sniffing hands, and attacking random pieces of string or laser lights.

Your Taiyou Ookami has eight different emotion settings:

These emotion settings include:
Somewhat sarcastic, completely lovable, fun-loving, cat
Over spastic-ness
Glomp and attach aka CUDDLE TIME

The Taiyou Ookami Unit’s default emotion is her somewhat sarcastic, completely lovable, fun-loving, cat mode. This emotion is rather self-explanatory, but we will go into detail for your benefit. When your unit is in this mode, she will often times have a sarcastic hint to her voice, which is brought out when she is exposed to stupidity. She will also act completely adorable and you will probably want to hug her repetitively. While in this mood she will seek out a fun time and other units wanting to have a fun time and just be spastic with her. And, as always, she will act like a cat.

Your Taiyou Unit will often times go into over spastic mode when she has ingested sugar. She will probably run around, jump up and down hyper-like, run around some more, and randomly hug people or attack people randomly with pokes. If you Taiyou Unit is in this mode it is best to just let it run it’s coarse, but keep close to her other wise she might end up hurting herself by accident.

The overly spastic mode will mostly likely result in your Taiyou Ookami Unit going into tired mode. In this mode, she will yawn repetitively, rub her eyes over and over again, cling to the nearest person and use them as a pillow, and close her eyes and almost fall asleep multiple times. While in this mode your Unit will be uninterested in almost everything simply due to the fact that she is so tired. She will not be able to perform most of her functions when she is in tired mode.

When your Taiyou Unit is in glomp and attach mode she will attach herself to any other available unit. This mode is also known as cuddle mode. She will nuzzle, snuggle, and cuddle with anyone. Your unit will want to be loved and hugged when she is in this mode. She will be very clingy and possibly whiney and pouty if she does not receive love.

The bored mode is very common when your unit has nothing to do, no one to talk to, and no one to roleplay with. She will likely stare at the computer screen in front of her or at the ceiling or wall. She may also repetitively bang her head on her desk or any other hard surface around her. It is very easy to get your Taiyou Unit out of this mode, all you have to do is give her someone to love or take care of, spaz out with, roleplay with, or some string to entertain herself with.

Your Taiyou Ookami Unit will enter into protective unit when someone she is close to is in troubled or hurt. She will most likely want to violently murder the person who hurt the person she is close to and then cuddle and take care of the person who was hurt. If the person who was hurt was not hurt by another person, but simply hurt, she will spaz out and take care of any wound they had. Her advice function kicks in a lot when she’s in this mode.

When someone close to your unit has been hurt she may enter into anger mood. In this mood she will be one of two ways. She will either rant or rave for a very long time about the issue on hand or she will go into a silent mood while secretly plotting her revenge on the person who hurt the one close to her.

Anger mood does last long and will always change into depression mode. Your Taiyou Unit has multiple depressive modes. When anger mode turns to depressed mode it will most likely be caused by somewhat failing to help her friend in need. Your unit also goes into random depression. This isn’t brought on by anything in particular, just a build up of everything going on in her life.


The Taiyou Ookami Unit can take care of her cleaning herself. She only requires shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a razor. She occasionally enjoys taking bubble baths, but tends to get bored in them, so they end up being rather short. Your Taiyou Unit also tends to sing while she takes showers, so a speaker system and her iPod would be nice to have.


Q: Please help me, my Taiyou Unit is in total cat mode and won’t come out! She’s speaking in only meows and variations of meows.
A: Just stay by her side, scratch her under the chin and try and a coax her into speaking in Japanese, for sometime she will be say Nya which is meow in Japanese. Once you have her speaking in the limited Japanese you can try English. She will slowly return to her normal 50:50 cat to human ratio.

Q: My Taiyou Ookami Unit is being really strange, and I mean really strange, what should I do?
A: Well, if you are too stupid to get what’s going on, we’ll give you the short answer. Give her sweets, lots of love, and deal with her random mood swings. Just give her time, normally around a week.

Q: My unit is being really clingy today, what should I do?
A: Hug her and love her. If you show her you care she should stop the clinginess. If it doesn’t get better, then you have to deal with her clinginess, it should blow over soon.

Q: HELP! My Taiyou Unit has gone into depressed mode and I don’t know how to get her out of it.
A: Well, this is a rather hard question to answer because most of the time you have to just let her depression run it’s coarse. You could attempt to find out what is wrong, but this will most likely fail because it is most likely a build up of things and your unit can’t think of anything recently that would have made her depressed so she will most likely answer with an “I don’t know” or an “I’m not sure.” Just stay by your unit’s side and try to distract her from her thoughts. If possible find a Kohaku Bear Unit and let the two of them be together for a while.

Q: Ah, I don’t know where my Taiyou Unit has gone? Where can I most likely find her?
A: Well, normally your unit wont stray far from you, but if this happens look for other units, she will most likely be found with them. She loves being around her friends so she often times can be found with them. If she is not with other units please contact the agency and we will be on our way to assist you in finding her.


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"I like warm blankets but for sleeping, I like cold blankets."

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